Why Does Underwear Have a Pocket? (Men & Women’s Undies)

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Have you ever wondered why women’s underwear has a pocket? Have you ever noticed it? Did you ever wonder if those little pockets… situated right on the crotch of your lady-loved one’s panties ever served a purpose… or are they merely decorative?

Are they just a fun feature of women’s underwear or was their inclusion in women’s underwear simply a happy accident?

In the case of women’s underwear (and pants… for that matter)… the pocket is actually called a “gusset.” It’s an extra piece of fabric sewn inside the crotch of the undergarment… and it serves one very important purpose.

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Why Does Underwear Have a Pocket?

The development of the gusset is not a topic that has been widely studied… but it is clear that its origins are in underwear designed for sports and activewear.

The answer is pretty simple. The gusset provides an area for a pad to absorb any discharge that may occur in a woman’s crotch. By providing this extra layer… women have a much more comfortable and less embarrassing experience. Plus… the gusset also helps prevent infection from other irritants in the area.

In particular… the gusset was developed to address challenges faced by women who participated in strenuous activities such as horse riding… gymnastics… or ballet.

Women’s underwear typically features a gusset… made from a breathable… moisture-wicking material to help prevent infections. The fully enclosed pocket helps keep moisture away from the woman’s vaginal area and helps to prevent yeast and other infections.

Why Does Women’s Underwear Have a Pocket?

The female anatomy is protected by a thin layer of skin (the labia minora) which folds over itself to form the inside of the vagina. The labia minora can be subject to rubbing and chafing when engaged in physical activity or sport… especially when wearing tight-fitting clothing that does not allow important airflow through the crotch area.

By providing an extra layer of material between the labia minora and the inner surface of the underwear… manufacturers were able to provide more comfort and protection from infection.

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Why Does Men’s Underwear Have a Pocket in the Front?

It’s not just a storage space. A front pocket can be used to improve the fit of underwear and provide support for your package. For example… briefs with a crotch gusset can have a pocket in the middle of that gusset to improve support… while enhancing comfort by preventing your package from being crushed.

If you’re looking for briefs that give you extra support… you might want to check out the many brands with front pockets!

A pocket on the front of men’s underwear is generally a relic of the garment’s fly-fronted ancestor… the union suit. Union suits were originally designed to be worn as outerwear… so they had a flap in front that could be unbuttoned and folded down over the genitalia when nature called.

When union suits became underwear… this flap hung loose and was eventually incorporated into the fly design.

Another explanation I came across online is that the pocket in men’s underwear was originally meant to hold small personal items like money or condoms.

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Why Does Victoria Secret Underwear Have a Pocket?

Pocket underwear has been around since the late 1800s and it has not taken off like the brassiere… because women didn’t feel that they needed a pocket to hold their underwear.

However… more and more women these days are asking for a pocket in their bra because they can use it for so many different things such as holding their cell phone… pepper spray… credit cards… and more.

That said… there is no real “pocket” in a bra. The closest thing to a pocket that you will find is a little pouch that is located between the cups of the bra. It is usually sewn into the bra cup or it could be added as an afterthought. This pouch is usually sewn closed and you have to open it up in order to place items inside of it.

Some bras will have one small pocket for storing something small like keys… but most bras with pockets will come with two pockets… which are big enough to store something as large as your cell phone.

Victoria Secret is practical and fashionable… making their bras perfect for everyday use. They come in so many different styles… colors… and sizes that you’re sure to find one that fits your taste and needs!

The pockets bras can be worn under anything… giving you total freedom to do whatever you please. The only thing better than a Victoria’s Secret Pocket Bra is two! You can even wear a matching set with your best friend!

Women everywhere love our bras because they offer them the chance to change their outfits without having to carry their purses around everywhere.

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What Is the Pocket in Pink Underwear For?

Pink underwear… with a pocket and elastic band… is designed to carry menstrual products. It was an original design by the women’s underwear company “Diva International,” which wanted to make sure that women had a safe and clean place to store their period paraphernalia.

Tampons… pads… and liners all fit neatly into the pocket of Diva International’s underwear… allowing for a full range of movement without worrying about discomfort or the risk of staining one’s clothes.

The Period Panties are made from four layers of fabric and feature a leakproof lining to prevent menstrual fluids from leaking out. In addition… they have leak guards around the legs and waistband.

The pockets are designed to contain a tampon… but they could also be used to hold sanitary napkins or even condoms.

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Underwear with Pockets for Balls?

The Pouch underwear is the solution for men who have had enough of their family jewels bouncing around. The Pouch is proprietary pouch underwear for men that provides all-day comfort… eliminates the need for adjustments… and keeps your goods off your legs.

The pouch gives support that allows you to live your life freely and comfortably. You can walk… run… jump or dance without having to worry about adjusting yourself in public.

The Pouch underwear is ideal for heavy-duty athletic activities… bike riders… and anyone else who doesn’t want their family jewels bouncing around when they move.


Shinesty Mens Underwear with Pouch... Supportive Ball Hammock Boxer Briefs for Men... Super Soft Hot Dog Underwear... Mens Boxer Briefs Underwear Pack of 1 X-Large Red

  • These can be worn by anybody… anywhere!
  • With a pouch… you can keep your goods off your legs and avoid the discomfort of sweaty balls and leg chafing while at work… home or play.
  • Pouch underwear is ideal for sports… cycling… running… sitting… and everyday wear.
  • Men’s underwear with pockets prevents you from having to make constant adjustments to your gear – which is a huge benefit when it comes to focus and comfort.
  • Pouch underwear is the ultimate solution for active men who want comfort… support… and freedom of movement without constantly readjusting their package.
  • Pouch underwear allows you to move freely without any restrictions or discomfort.
  • The high-quality fabrics are designed to help reduce sweat buildup and improve breathability so that you stay cool and dry all day long. This will help keep you comfortable no matter what activities you decide to take on!

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Underwear with Pockets for Phone?

Are you a person who does not like to carry your phone in your hand when you are in the bathroom? Do you want to be able to keep it in your pocket? Well… here is a product that will do just that!

It’s underwear with pockets for the phone! These undies have a pocket on the side. You can keep your phone in it comfortably and it is easy to take out when you need it. There is also space for credit cards so you can keep all your important things together.


Runhit Men's Compression Shorts with Pockets(3 Pack),Tights Spandex Shorts Workout Underwear for Men Running Workout Athletic


The benefit of a pocket in your underwear is pretty obvious: it keeps your phone safe and sound… right where you want it. You don’t have to worry about it slipping out and hitting the floor (and breaking). It also stops anyone else from being able to access it and possibly stealing your information.

The latter could be a real problem if you’re someone who uses public transport regularly or likes to go running outside with your phone in your pocket.

Underwear with pockets for a phone could also be really useful for keeping certain things close at hand during the day. If you struggle to remember to take medication or do things like apply sunscreen… keeping your phone in the pocket of your underwear might help you keep track of all those things.

Or perhaps you’re someone who simply wants to carry as few things as possible around during the day so that you have less to carry in your bag (a smaller phone in a pocket is more convenient than a larger one in a handbag).

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Underwear with Pockets for Travel?

After a long flight… many travelers are looking for a quick way to stretch their legs and find their luggage. With this in mind… one company has developed a pair of underwear with secret pockets to safely stow your insulin pump… valuables… credit cards… passports… IDs… and cash during your trip.

Travel Underwear features a zippered pocket sewn into the lower left side of the waistband that can be accessed from the inside. The pocket is not noticeable from the outside of the underwear and can hold wallets up to 7 inches wide.


Pocket Pantie for Women... Travel Underwear with Secret Pocket Panties Women's... Large Size 2 Packs (Black)


Insulin pumps… smartphones… and other tech devices can be a traveler’s best friend. But they’re also vulnerable to theft… especially in places where medical supplies are hard to come by.

Treat your insulin pump as though it were a mobile phone — make sure to keep it on you at all times (at least until you are back in the safety of your hotel room). And while it might seem like overkill… some travelers wear their pumps with a belt or fanny pack designed to look like underwear.

Pouches with zippered pockets are great for storing valuables and keeping them close by. With a pocket that’s disguised at first glance as part of an undergarment (a bra or boxers… for example) the pouch is less likely to attract unwanted attention.

It also means the wearer doesn’t have to wear anything obviously bulky or conspicuous under their clothing.

Why Does Underwear Have a Flap?

The underwear flap… also known as a “crotch flap,” is the name given to that fold of fabric above your crotch in boxer briefs and swimsuits. It’s a design element so common… you probably never notice it. But it’s interesting to think about why underwear designers decided to put the flap there in the first place.

The underwear flap serves two purposes: It helps contain any unwanted odors and it’s an extra barrier of protection against embarrassing moments in the locker room or bathroom. Of course… that second part doesn’t matter much if you’re wearing a bathing suit or tighty whities.

You’ve probably seen flaps in other undergarments as well… like bras… leotards… and diapers. The flap was originally invented as a means of keeping everything inside your clothes where it belongs.

Why Are Gussets Open at One End?

The gusset design is created to allow for maximum breathability… space… and functionality. The open front allows for your body to breathe… which is essential when you’re working up quite a sweat.

The open back gives your skin freedom of motion so that you don’t feel restricted as you work out and if you want to wear them comfortably under everyday clothes… then an open gusset is ideal.

In terms of cleaning the underwear… the gusset design helps when it comes to hand washing. The open ends make it easier to clean the underwear than if they were enclosed at both ends.

If you’re going to use a washing machine… then it’s likely that the gusset design won’t make much difference as they are enclosed at both ends and will be cleaned in some way by the machine.

In summary… women’s underwear has long had one or more pockets in the front for holding money or small items. Manufacturers expected women to wear bloomers or other undergarments beneath their dresses or skirts… so they needed a place to put their lipstick or keys.

But today… women often wear pants without undergarments. In fact… underwear manufacturers make bras without pockets because they know roughly half of the women who buy them won’t be using them.

The demand for men’s underwear with pockets has been growing steadily since the late 1940s–particularly as cell phones became more popular and more people started carrying cash and credit cards instead of wallets.

There are many theories as to why manufacturers added pockets to women’s underwear first–but none of them can be confirmed at this point.

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