Why Do My Trousers Keep Splitting? (How To Stop Trousers Splitting?)

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Pants splitting is a common problem for both men and women. It’s usually caused by the crotch area of the trousers being too weak to withstand the amount of pressure it receives each time you take a step.

Have you ever had a pair of pants torn or split open between the legs? You probably thought it was just a manufacturing defect or badly made pants. But… in fact… this problem is fairly common and is usually caused by abrasion (rubbing) against the inner thigh.

Clothing manufacturers have done studies on the pants-splitting phenomenon… and they’ve found that it’s a serious issue. It isn’t as uncommon as you’d think — about 40% of people experience this problem at some point.

Why Do My Trousers Keep Splitting?

Trousers are subject to quite a bit of stress and strain during their lifespan — walking… sitting… crouching… and bending cause these areas to bear the brunt of the pressure. Repeatedly bending your knees puts stress on the seams… which can cause them to rip apart or split open.

It seems as though trouser splitting occurs more often in some fabrics than others. Corduroy… for example… is notorious for splitting. So are trousers made from a mixture of cotton and polyester? The exact reason for this isn’t clear… but the answer may lie in the different properties of the materials used to make these clothes.

Corduroy is a type of woven cloth that consists of many extremely thin pieces of material (called yarns) tightly interwoven with each other. Corduroy is usually made from cotton or wool and sometimes a mixture of both. Cotton has two natural strands and so it makes sense that when you tightly weave this material in a very thin layer it will be more prone to splitting at the seams than a thicker material such as polyester which has four strands.

What Causes Pants to Split?

  1. A loose fit – too much room in the wrong places
  2. A tight fit – too much pressure on the fabric
  3. Pants made from synthetic materials where the crotch area may be prone to more wear and tear
  4. Pants that have been washed regularly with other laundry items such as towels… jeans… and sports equipment.

Trousers splitting at the seams is caused by abrasion and friction with other clothes in the wash. This can be avoided by separating your trousers from your other garments before washing. Even better would be storing them away in a drawer or closet between wearings.

Why Do My Pants Tear in the Crotch?

So why do your pants split in the crotch? The most common cause is abrasion that wears away the stitching over time. This happens when your thighs rub together as you walk or sit down. This constant rubbing causes friction and heat buildup that weakens the fabric… which eventually tears and results in a gaping hole between your legs.


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There are a few ways to prevent this embarrassing problem.

  1. Wash your clothes inside out. This will help remove excess buildup that could cause holes to appear.
  2. Dry your clothes on a low heat setting as well. High heat in the dryer can cause extreme tension on fabric which can lead to ripping and tearing.
  3. Lastly… wear a belt! Belts help distribute your weight over a wide surface area and keep your pants from being overstretched in any one area. The added support will help lengthen their lifespan as well!

How Do I Stop My Trousers from Splitting?

There are many reasons why your trousers could be splitting at the seams. The most common reason is that they are being worn too often… or there may be a fault with the material. Another common reason is that you may have put on weight… and so your trousers are getting stretched by your weight. This can cause them to split at the seams.

Trouser splitting can also occur if you have been wearing the same pair of trousers for a long time. This is because the fibers in the material have broken down over time… and so they become weaker. If you have washed your trousers but they still split at the seams… then the problem could lie with the material itself.

  1. Avoid tight clothing: If you’ve been experiencing leg-splitting recently… chances are good that you’re wearing too-tight clothing. Tight clothes put stress on the seams of your jeans or trousers and also increase heat buildup in the crotch area… which weakens the fabrics until they rip. Choose a pair that fits well but isn’t tight. You want something that will last – if they’re too tight they’ll probably split anyway… and if they’re too loose they’ll get ruined as soon as you put them on.
  2. Wash them inside out and turn up the cuffs to reduce friction between your leg and the fabric. Hang them up or lay them flat overnight to dry rather than putting them on a hanger and putting a wet weight on them from above.

How Do You Fix a Rip in Trousers?

Splits can occur around the crotch… inner thigh area… or sometimes even in the rear-end region.

Some splits are easy to fix with a little needle and thread but others need to be taken to a tailor or dry cleaner so they can repair them properly to prevent further damage like rips in other places on your pants and ensure you get maximum wear out of your pants.

How Do I Stop My Pants from Wearing Between My Thighs?

Are you tired of your pants wearing between your thighs? Are you afraid that they would do horrible things to your thighs?

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Well… I have a solution for you. You may try these steps:

  1. Choose pants made of durable fabrics… like denim. Denim is one of the most durable fabrics that can last up to 5 years. It’s perfect for people who are always on the go.
  2. Wear a slimmer under your pants… which would streamline your thighs. This will make your thighs more attractive and slim.
  3. Look for the right size… not too loose or too tight for your body frame and height.
  4. Keep the legs straight when sitting down because this helps avoid wearing between the thighs as well as stretching and deformation of the fabric.
  5. Avoid sitting directly on hard surfaces because this will cause wearing between thighs very fast.
  6. When washing pants… hang them out to dry in order to keep their shape and avoid shrinking after washing them in a machine.

Why Do My Pants Make a Sound When I Walk?

It is very common for pants to make a rubbing/crinkling sound when you walk. This is because pants are made from two layers of fabric:

a) The outer layer… which is usually cotton… polyester… wool… or some combination thereof… and

b) The inner layer… generally made from polyester or spandex

The friction between the two layers causes them to rub together and make noise. This condition is exacerbated by loose lint that gets caught between the two layers as you move around.

Treatment: Most people never think about it until it’s pointed out to them. But if your pants are too noisy for your liking make sure when washing your pants in the washing machine… use only cold water on a gentle cycle and avoid drying on high heat. This will lessen some of the friction between the fibers of the fabric and will result in less noise.

In summary… ultimately… the answer to “why do my pants split?” will be different for each person and wardrobe. There are innumerable variables… from the style and size of the garment in question to the way it is worn… to the activities of its owner. In some cases… thinking about this question will help you realize that your trousers may simply be too tight and need to be adjusted or replaced.

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