Why Do Your Belt Loops Break?

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Belt loops can break due to a variety of reasons, such as wear and tear, poor construction, or pulling on the belt too hard. Additionally, wearing a belt that is too tight or using a belt that is too thick for the loops can cause them to break. To prevent belt loops from breaking, consider using a belt that is the right size and thickness for your pants, and avoid pulling on the belt excessively.

Torn belt loops are almost always caused by friction. The fabric on the inside of the loop is typically made from a slightly thinner material than the rest of the pant leg. The thinner material is vulnerable to wear and tear… especially when your belt rubs against it repeatedly.

While there are many reasons why loops break… the most common is that you are washing your pants in hot water. As the water heats up… you wash your pants at a higher temperature than they were designed to handle. This can cause shrinkage and could possibly break the loop or belt.

Always check for loose threads before putting on your pants. Be sure to examine them on the inside and outside of the belt loops.

If you spot a loose thread… it is best to take an extra minute to fix it now so that you don’t run the risk of having it unravel and fray while you are wearing your pants later on. It would be such a shame if they were no longer wearable after such a small accident like that!

So let’s take a look at why my belt loops break… how do you fix them… and some methods for repairing your own belt!

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5 Reasons Why Belt Loops Break On Your Pants?

Have you ever noticed that belt loops on your pants tend to break right after you have worn them for a few times? If so… you are not alone.

Many people seem to have the same problem… and a lot of people don’t understand why it keeps happening. So why do belt loops keep breaking on your pants?

This can happen for a number of reasons:

  1. Your belt buckle is too big or thick: It is best if your belt comfortably fits through the belt loop without being forced through it. If it is too big or thick… it will rub against the inside of the belt loop causing a hole in it. You may also need to replace this belt with one that has a larger buckle that better fits your pants.
  2. Your pants have lost their shape: When you buy new pants… they tend to fit beautifully in all areas except for at the waistline where you can probably pull them over your hips easily. After wearing them a few times… they start to sag and lose their shape… and the belt loops are loose or even broken.
  3. This is usually due to the way you wash and dry your pants: When you wash them… they should be hung or laid flat to dry. If you dry them in the dryer… it shrinks the fabric and causes it to lose its shape and stretch out of proportion. This is why you shouldn’t put your jeans in the dryer; hang or lay them flat to dry instead.
  4. Too Tight Waistband: Pants that fit snuggly around the waist will cause the belt loop to break. It is because of the continuous pressure around the same area that causes the belt loop to break. A tight waistband also results in too tight-fitting pants which don’t allow enough space for comfortable wear.
  5. Piling Up: The piling up of dirt… grease… dead skin cells… and other particles may cause the fabric to fray due to continuous rubbing against itself. This eventually leads to the fraying of threads which causes the fabric to tear or get worn out easily.

The good news is… even though they can break… they can also be easily repaired. Some people even prefer to repair their own belt loops instead of taking them somewhere to have them replaced.

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How Do You Fix Broken Belt Loops?

Fixing a broken belt loop on sweatpants is a fairly easy job. You will be able to do it in just a matter of minutes. Here are the steps that you will need to take… in order to fix your belt loop.

How Do You Fix a Broken Belt Loop by Hand?

  • Step 1: Cut out the damaged belt loop from your pants. The first thing that you need to do is cut out the damaged belt loop by making a cut right below the belt loop and continuing cutting up until you reach the top of the belt loop. This can be done by using scissors or a utility knife.
  • Step 2: Sew in a new belt loop. The next step is to sew in a new belt loop using the method explained above or any other sewing method that seems easier for you. It’s important not to sew too tightly because this will cause damage to your pants that may become permanent with time.
  • Step 3: Stitch a straight line from point A to point B. Make sure that it is very strong and will not rip out easily when pulled on tightly.
  • Step 4: Repeat. After sewing your new belt loop onto your pants… it’s important to stitch once again from point A to point B overlapping your previous stitch by about 1/4 inch just so your new stitch will not come undone easily.

It’s that simple!

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Can a Tailor Replace Belt Loops?

A tailor can replace belt loops on a pair of pants or jeans. They do a lot more than just repair clothing. Tailors are pretty much magicians when it comes to stitching… and they can use their skills to make adjustments to your clothes that may seem impossible to anyone else.

If you want to replace belt loops on jeans because they have broken off or have been removed by someone else… a tailor will do that.

Belt loops are not sewn onto the jeans… but they are sewn onto the interior waistband where they will not be seen by others. It’s easy for a tailor to remove them and replace them with new ones if you want them done.

Tailors can repair a tear in your pants or patch a missing button. They can make alterations to the fit of certain pieces of clothing… sew new zippers… or change buttons for you.

If you want your pants hemmed or shortened… your coat sleeves taken up or even the length of your shirt sleeves raised… your local tailor is probably willing to make those changes for you if you ask nicely enough.

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What Are the Loops on Belts Called?

Belts have loops that are intended to hold the wearer’s pants up. Loops can fit through belt holes or be sewn on. Loops can be made of leather… fabric… metal… and plastic. There are two basic kinds of loops: end loops and keeper loops.

An end loop is simply a loop that is attached to the end of a belt with a piece of thread or string. A keeper loop is a loop that goes around the end of the belt and latches under the adjacent belt in order to prevent the belt from slipping through the buckle when it is not being worn.

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In summary… pants with thicker material will typically have less-sturdy belt loops than thin materials. The thicker the material… the less likely it is that the loop will tear because it is made from a more durable… thick thread.

The design of the trousers may cause the belt loop to tear if there are multiple layers of fabric in between the belt and trousers.

For example… if you have jeans with a double layer of denim in between where your belt goes through – this will most likely cause the loop to tear sooner than expected.

The amount of tension placed on your pants can cause them to fray faster than others. If your pants have a loose fit and lots of extra room – you can put a lot more stress on the seams and wear them out faster than expected. If you’re using a thick material and don’t wear tight clothing – this won’t be an issue for you.

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