When to Wear Briefs? (In Public? After Vasectomy? With Period? What Else?)

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Briefs are undergarments that usually have a fly front and legs like shorts… and sometimes elastic support bands around the legs. Boxers are another popular men’s underwear choice.

But briefs are actually more comfortable than boxers because they have more fabric between the legs… which reduces friction and sweating. So if you’re planning to wear briefs under your clothes all day… they can be just as comfortable as boxers.

When to Wear Briefs?

Boxer briefs come in various styles and colors… with a variety of fabrics used to make them. Some men say boxer briefs are a blend between brief and boxer styles or that they are tighter than briefs with less fabric in the crotch area.

Some experts believe wearing boxer briefs instead of traditional underwear can reduce chafing from long periods of sitting or from physical activity such as biking or running. They argue that boxer briefs don’t bunch up in the crotch area as boxers do and that they provide better support than briefs.

Briefs are a good choice for many situations. They’re snug… yet loose enough to stay comfortable all day long (almost). Most importantly… they’re available in a variety of styles and colors—so you can wear them with almost anything!

Let’s take a look at various circumstances and see when it is okay to wear briefs or boxer briefs.

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Can I Wear Boxer Briefs After Vasectomy?

Wearing boxer briefs after a vasectomy is probably not a good idea. The best way to avoid discomfort is to wear loose-fitting pants or boxers. The reason for this is that tight-fitting underwear can put pressure on your scrotum and vas deferens. This pressure can cause pain… discomfort… and even bruising.

Tight-fitting underwear and pants can be uncomfortable after vasectomy due to swelling and fluid retention in the scrotum. It’s hard to predict how long it will be before you feel comfortable wearing tight-fitting clothing again… but you should start out with loose-fitting pants and boxers.

The swelling… bruising… and tenderness of your scrotum after a vasectomy usually go away in a few weeks. But it could take longer… depending on the type of anesthesia used during the procedure.


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Your doctor should have told you what kind of follow-up care to expect after your operation; so follow his or her instructions carefully. If your doctor instructed you to wear tight-fitting pants or underwear… then he or she must have had a good reason for doing so.

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Can You Wear Boxer Briefs in Public?

I think this question can be read two ways so I will answer them both. Boxer briefs are underwear so if you are just talking about wearing them in public as outerwear then I would definitely say no technically there is no law against it and you can do it but for mine… it would be very embarrassing.

However… if you are referring to wearing them in public under other clothing then the answer to the question is yes! If you want to wear boxer briefs in public then you should go for it.

Boxer briefs rarely show any visible signs of your underwear… which is something that tighty-whities tend to do… especially if the waistband is too tight for comfort or if the elastic has gone south on a pair of old underwear.

Even though boxers hug your body a little better than other types of underwear… they still provide more breathing room than both boxer shorts and straight-legged boxers. The tighter fit may also cause more issues with bunching up behind your knees than with other types of underwear.

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Can You Wear Briefs Under Boxers?

The style of underwear that you choose to wear is a personal preference and should not be governed by any fashion trends or opinions of others. You should wear what feels the most comfortable for you. However… if you are a man who wears boxers… it is really up to you whether or not you want to wear briefs underneath them.

  1. The first answer–yes… you can wear briefs under boxers.
  2. The second answer–no… you don’t have to wear briefs under boxers.
  3. And the third answer–it depends!
  4. And the fourth answer– they are both underwears why on earth would you want to?

Wearing both boxers and briefs at once is also up to you and your discretion. If you ask some men they will tell you that they never wear two types of underwear together because it feels like wearing one too much. Others may tell you that they feel more comfortable with briefs underneath their boxers.

It is a matter of personal preference and comfort level… but I prefer just wearing briefs underneath my shorts. If you are uncomfortable in boxers and wear briefs under them why not just ditch the boxers?

If you decide to wear briefs under your boxers and find that they aren’t comfortable enough for you… then consider buying boxer briefs instead. Boxer briefs offer a little more coverage than regular boxer shorts but still leave you with plenty of room for movement and flexibility.

Can You Wear Boxer Briefs on Your Period?

If you’re wondering if you can wear boxers during your period… the answer is yes. When it comes to what underwear to wear while menstruating… it all comes down to personal preference. Many women prefer wearing loose-fitting clothing during their periods… including boxers or boxer briefs.

When it comes to wearing underwear during menstruation… the best thing to do is choose items that allow for breathability and comfort for each person. If you’re planning on wearing tight-fitting clothing or pants on your period… then go ahead and wear a pad or tampon along with loose-fitting underwear underneath.

However… if you want to avoid the need for further protection with looser clothing during your period… then by all means go for boxers or briefs.

Can You Wear Pads in Boxer Briefs?

There is no reason why you can’t wear pads in boxers. Boxer briefs are designed to be worn in many different ways and most boxers can hold a pad comfortably. You might want to wear something else on your bottom half though… as the fabric of boxer briefs isn’t absorbent… so you will probably leak onto your underwear.

When you wear pads in your boxers… they can feel bulky and uncomfortable. Many women opt to use tampons instead of pads when they have their period because they find tampons easier to use and more convenient. But if you prefer pads… there are things that you can do to make them more comfortable when wearing boxer briefs.

You are better off buying underwear specially designed for your period such as the following product.


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The first step is to make sure that you choose the right type of pad for boxer briefs. While pads that are designed specifically for men’s underwear may seem like the best option… most of them don’t have any extra padding or additional material that provides protection against leaks or stains from leaking onto your underwear. Instead… look for pads that are designed for use with tight-fitting clothing such as shapewear.

Can You Put a Pad in Woxers?

Instead of pads… try liners. They’re much more comfortable and they don’t bunch up when you walk. Sitting with a pad in your Woxers can be very uncomfortable for many women. There are some women who have heavy flows and leak through their panties… but most women don’t need a pad.

The fabric of the Woxers is meant to keep you dry. If you do decide to use a pantyliner… make sure that it’s as thin as possible. You can also try using a panty liner after a fresh wash when your Woxers are still wet.

The fresh wash will help the liner adhere better than using it on a dry Woxer after they’ve been worn all day. The last thing you want is something bulky underneath your Woxer that might cause irritation and chafing.


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Here’s another way to look at it: If you were wearing normal underwear… would you wear a pad? Probably not because the whole point of underwear is to prevent leakage and absorbency.

Will I Get a Wedgie If I Wear Briefs?

Wearing briefs or boxers can be a very personal decision. Some people say they’re more comfortable in boxers while others prefer briefs. They are both comfortable and both can look nice under clothes… so it just comes down to personal preference. The idea of briefs being a “wedge” has been around for many years and many guys remember the wedgie from the days when most boys wore boxers at school.

Briefs never used to be as popular as they are today… so wedgies were not as common of an occurrence back then. Today… briefs have become very popular and are worn by a lot of people… including men and women of all ages.

Wedgies are still possible with tight-fitting briefs… but it is not something that happens very often anymore because of the way briefs fit today.

There was a time when tight-fitting white briefs were all the rage for men… but that trend has changed over the years and now there are a variety of styles available including bikini briefs and low rise briefs which do not allow for a wedgie to occur like they used to back in the day.

In summary… Wearing briefs… or underwear… is a matter of personal preference… but there are some situations when wearing briefs makes sense. For example… briefs are often worn under athletic shorts or workout gear because they are more comfortable… have less potential for odor… and can accommodate a larger range of body types.

Tighty-whities… another style of brief with an elastic waistband… are favored by many professional athletes because their fit reduces the risk of chafing from the waistband during vigorous physical activity.

Some men also prefer to wear briefs to work if they work in an office environment that requires a dress code. Briefs are part of many professional formal wear outfits and look appropriate at most business casual workplaces.

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