What Belt To Wear with Suede Shoes?

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Suede shoes can be paired with a variety of belt options, depending on the occasion and personal style. For a casual look, consider a brown leather belt with a simple buckle that complements the warm tones of suede. For a dressier look, a black leather belt with a more ornate buckle can add sophistication. A belt with a metallic finish or a texture that matches the suede can also make a statement.

Suede shoes are a classic. From the red carpet to the board room… suede shoes have been a staple for decades. Suede shoes can be dressy or casual… so it’s no wonder they’re a favorite of many men. However… there are some rules when it comes to wearing suede shoes and belts.

Can you wear a belt with suede shoes? You betcha… but there are a few things you should know first. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the belt should match the shoes.

This means that if you have brown shoes… then a brown belt is a must. Brown belts can also be worn with black shoes… and black belts can also be worn with brown shoes.

When pairing your belt with suede shoes… make sure that the width of your belt matches the width of your shoelaces. Wider laces will look out of place on a narrow belt… and vice-versa. The material of the belt should also match the material of the shoelaces; leather laces will not look right on a nubuck leather belt.

Make sure that you do not wear a belt that is too long; any extra length will stick out and ruin the overall aesthetic of your outfit. Also… avoid wearing more than one belt at a time.

Here are some tips on what belt to wear with your suede shoes… so you look stylish all day long.

Can You Wear Leather Belt With Suede Shoes?

If your suede shoes have a formal or business casual look… then a leather belt is a great choice. It works especially well if your shoes are made from rich brown materials. The contrast between the brown shoes and black or brown belt creates a very good visual effect.

There are several types of leather belts that can be worn with suede shoes. The most common type of belt is the classic black dress belt… which is made from thin… polyurethane-coated leather and has a basic… polished buckle.

Suede shoes can also be paired with a thick leather belt that is often used for casual outfits. This kind of belt is typically made from thick and stiff leather and has a non-polished… braided buckle.

The biggest factor in determining if this type of belt can be worn with suede shoes is the color of the belt. Because suede shoes are already brown… this type of belt should never be worn with them as it will create an awkward clash in colors.

Finally… it is possible to wear a suede belt with your suede shoes. Some shoe manufacturers even sell suede belts specifically designed to match their shoes.

However… because suede belts are so uncommon and because they have a much different texture than leather belts… they should only be worn when the rest of your outfit is entirely brown or tan. If you’re wearing a navy or black suit… for example… avoid pairing it with a brown suede belt or one that has some brown coloring in it as it will ruin the look.

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Just to recap:

Brown or black leather belt: If you want to play it safe and wear a belt that will match most of your clothes… brown or black leather is the way to go. The color and material will go well with almost any outfit – just make sure that the shade is dark enough so that it doesn’t look like you are wearing suede shoes with a black belt. In addition… a matching brown or black belt will give your outfit a nice balance without making it look too “matchy-matchy”.

Suede belt: A more daring way to wear suede shoes is by wearing them with a matching suede belt. It might sound like a bad idea at first but in reality… there are several advantages. First of all… your shoe and belt will be exactly the same color and texture which looks really cool. Secondly… if your pants have a similar color as your shoe and/or belt… they will also blend in nicely.

So… It’s perfectly fine to wear a leather belt with suede shoes. In fact… you can even wear a leather belt with all kinds of shoes; that includes leather shoes… slip-on shoes… loafers… and so on.

What Color Belt Do You Wear with Tan Suede Shoes?

The belt is probably the second most important piece of the garment after the shoe. It defines your waist… which is usually not very prominent in men… so it draws attention to the area that needs definition.

A belt also draws attention to your hips… which is why women have had them for years! A sturdy-looking belt is always associated with a powerful look.

Wear a brown suede belt with tan shoes when you have a tan complexion or if you want to match your belt with your shoes. You can also wear this if you are wearing brown shoes because it will also make them stand out more than they would otherwise do.

If you want your belt to pop… go with a dark shade of brown or even a reddish-brown color. If you want to play on the classic combination of black and brown… choose a black belt with brown details such as belt loops or a decorative buckle.

Here are some other tips:

Go wide. A narrow belt can make your waist look bigger than it is — the opposite effect you’re going for. Look for belts that are at least 1-1/2 inches wide.

Buckle up. Buckles should be proportionate to the width of the belt — the wider the belt… the larger the buckle. Keep in mind that overly ornate buckles can look too costumey for daywear.

Does Your Belt Need to Match Your Shoes?

A lot of guys think that if their belt doesn’t match their shoes… then it’s a bad look. But what you should really be worried about is whether or not it looks good with your outfit as a whole. If you have an outfit that consists of a suit… a shirt… and a tie… then you’re going to want to make sure that your belt matches at least two of those three things.

Or maybe you’re wearing jeans and a blazer… or khakis and a button-down; in those cases… you want your belt to match the pants.

It’s also important that your pants fit properly. You don’t want them too tight or too loose. You want them just right so they can accentuate your belt buckle… which is why belts are such an important part of any man’s wardrobe.

As a general rule… you want your belt to match your shoes. Don’t wear a brown belt with black shoes… for example. Your belt and shoes should be in the same color family — black… brown… or tan. A good rule of thumb is this: If you’re wearing a suit or a sports jacket… your belt buckle should be the same color as your shoes.

Tie it together. When you’re wearing a solid-color shirt and pants… you don’t need to worry about coordinating your belt with anything else. Your belt can be any color that complements your shoes.

The right contrast. If you have a patterned tie and patterned shirt… choose a simple leather belt in an earth tone like brown or tan that won’t compete but will provide contrast. Black belts are always safe because they go with everything but are less noticeable than brown or tan belts.

Consider the occasion. Leather belts don’t have to match your shoes 100 percent of the time — just more often than not. For a casual look… you can get away with wearing an orange belt with blue jeans or an olive green belt with khakis. It’s still important to make sure the colors compliment each other — don’t wear a bright red belt with dark gray slacks.

What Belt Goes with Blue Suede Shoes?

Blue suede shoes typically look great when paired with blue or black belts. Red is another good color for suede shoes since it works well with most colors of belts. Avoid wearing silver or gold belts as they do not work well with suede footwear.

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For the most part… blue suede shoes are worn with a matching belt. In fact… this is an ideal color combination for belts and shoes. As you consider your options… bear in mind that a brown belt will not work with blue suede shoes.

When selecting your belt… carefully select one that will complement your shoes. Outside of the blue suede shoe color scheme… black is also a good option that can offer you more versatility than you might realize.

In summary… the general guideline is that a suede belt should either be color coordinated with your suede shoes or black in color. If you are wearing a pair of brown suede shoes… you would wear a brown belt. You may also consider tan or medium brown depending on the shade of brown of your belt.

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