Should You Wear Pants Over Your Belly? (What If You’re Fat?)

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Should I Wear My Pants Over My Belly?

Where pants go depends on the shape of your body. If you’re not sure where to wear your pants… try this advice: Your pants should go where they look best on you. That could be over or under your belly button. It might be over or under your hips.

Yes… you really can wear your pants over your belly — and you should! Plenty of women do. Wearing your pants over your belly doesn’t cause any harm… so long as they aren’t too tight.

In fact… wearing them over can help keep your belly warm while maintaining a sense of modesty. It feels good to be able to pull the shirt down without having a tight elastic waistband digging into you.

In many cases… there are other reasons why it’s better to wear pants over your belly (the most important being comfort!).

When you wear pants under your belly… the fabric can rub against the skin… chafing and causing irritation or rashes. The constant friction also means that you run the risk of getting an odor in the crotch area. This happens in both men and women!

Do Pants Go Over Belly Button?

For women who are petite in stature… pants should always be worn over the belly button to avoid looking even smaller than they already are. For taller women… on the other hand… pants should be worn under the belly button to help elongate their frame.

Tight Pants

Tight pants are usually worn with belts and they are very slim fitting. This type of pant has a higher rise in the front than in the back. It should be worn over the belly button because it emphasizes a thin waistline.

Loose Pants

Loose pants are comfortable to wear and don’t require any special accessories like a belt. This type of pant has more room in the front than in the back… so it looks better if it’s worn under the belly button as opposed to over it.

Boot Cut Pants

Boot cut pants have a wide leg that flares out from the knee down and then tapers towards the ankle. These pants look great when they’re worn under the belly button because they are very flattering on all body types.

The flare at the bottom balances out any weight gain in your stomach area. If you like wearing tight or loose pants… you should wear them over your belly button and if you like wearing boot cut pants

Are High-Waisted Jeans Supposed to Cover Your Belly Button?

High-waisted jeans are generally described as anything above your natural waistline… which is typically around the belly button area.

You’ve probably noticed that these types of jeans usually come with a belt to hold them up… and for good reason: They’re not supposed to fall below your natural waistline.


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Trouser jeans that come up to your natural waist are high-waisted. It’s all about the rise. The rise is another way of referring to how many inches the waistband of a pair of pants sits upon your natural waistline.

High-waisted styles are generally flattering on most body types. They accentuate curves in a subtle way… so you don’t have to worry about looking extra curvy. Instead… they make you appear taller because they create a triangle shape with your torso and legs.

Can You Wear High Waisted Pants with a Belly Button Piercing?

So… can you wear high-waisted pants with a belly ring piercing? The answer is yes. The reason this type of piercing looks so good on high-waisted pants is that it draws attention to your waistline… which is higher than your hips. You want a pair of high-waisted pants that are snug around your hips but loose at your waist.

If you have a small waist… this effect will be more pronounced… because there will be a stark contrast between the tightness of your waist and hips. This look will also make your legs appear longer. 

While some people are totally cool rocking their piercing with high-waisted bottoms and no tights… others would rather avoid the extra attention.

It also depends on which part of your body you pierced: If your piercing is at the top of your belly button… chances are it will be completely covered by your shirt and you won’t have to worry about hiding it. If it’s lower down… you might have to opt for opaque tights or a longer shirt to cover the piercing.

Where Should Fat People Wear Their Pants?

Tight pants… skinny jeans… and leggings might be in style but that doesn’t mean everybody can pull them off. If you’re overweight… you really have to watch what you wear. If you wear your pants below your belly button… not only will it make you look larger… it can also ruin your posture.

Trouble is… a lot of large people wear their pants too low — at the hips or even lower. This is understandable because large bellies tend to be higher in the body than smaller bellies. The trouble is… when you wear your pants below your belly… you create a horizontal line across the front of your body. And if you have a big belly… it’s going to look really wide.

But there is an easy fix: Wear your pants at your belly button! You’ll instantly look skinnier.

Should Pants Be Worn at the Waist or Hips?

The general consensus is that pants should be worn at the waist… and not below. The reason for this is that when you wear your pants too low on your hips… it can make you look shorter and heavier than you actually are. By keeping your pants up… you create a more flattering silhouette.

Wearing pants at the waist can be more comfortable because the waistband is supported by your natural curve. You don’t have to worry about the waistband rolling or twisting when you move around.

The waistline tends to be more flattering for most body types because it usually looks better with curves than a pant leg does.

The only time that it’s acceptable to wear your pants at the hips is if they’re extremely wide-leg trousers or culottes. Both of these styles are extremely popular right now so it’s understandable if you’ve been wearing them this way.

In summary… some people seem to think that pants go over your belly button… and others think they should come just below that. Who’s right? And why do we have to worry about this at all?

We may not know exactly when or why the practice of wearing pants below the belly button came into fashion… but it’s a style that’s been around for quite a while. It’s also one that is still popular today… although it can be difficult to determine how low-waisted your pants should go without looking ridiculous.

The best way to determine whether your pants are too low is by asking yourself if they are comfortable and stylish. If you’re constantly pulling on a pair of pants that fall down or showing off your underwear every time you bend over… then these pants are probably too low-waisted for you.

As with many other fashion choices… it is likely that your peers will influence this decision more than any other factor. For example… if you’re attending a high school or college where baggy jeans are the norm… then you will likely look out of place if you wear your pants higher than others at that school.

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