How Do You Wear Leggings on Your Period? (Can You Wear A Pad?)

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I’m sure you have all been wondering whether it’s okay to wear leggings on your period. This question has probably been answered with both yes and no… but the real answer is… It depends.

If you have a pad or tampon in then you can wear leggings. Even if you have a maxi pad or something larger… you’ll be totally fine as long as you are not wearing super-tight leggings.

If you don’t like the feel of the pad or tampon against the material then try wearing underwear under your leggings.

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Is It Ok to Wear Leggings on Your Period?

If you’re wearing a menstrual cup then it’s totally fine to wear tight leggings!

But if you do decide to wear leggings on your period… make sure they are not too tight around your stomach/lower abdomen since that could cause irritation from the blood flow and other fluids during your cycle.

Just avoid light-colored fabrics and easy-to-spot stains like black and navy blue because those will show through onto your leggings. Generally speaking nude or white-colored leggings are best for hiding stains.

You can wear leggings on your period as long as you wear a long enough top over it… and yes you can see a pad through leggings if the color of the pad is dark.

Leggings are often a girl’s best friend… but not during that time of the month. Depending on how much your period flows… leggings can be a nightmare to wear during that time of the month.

Leggings are made from spandex which is good for holding in body heat. When you have your period… having something like that against your skin isn’t very comfortable unless you double up with either wearing two pairs of underwear or wearing a long shirt over your leggings.

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Can You Wear Leggings with a Pad?

While leggings are made from a spandex/cotton blend… most are far too thin to make out any kind of pad. While you can wear a pad with them… we don’t recommend wearing a pad with your leggings.

Instead… opt for a pair of menstrual underwear (yes… they exist!) or if you want to keep wearing your favorite pair of leggings… try a waterproof pantyliner instead. These handy little liners will help keep your undies clean and prevent staining.

Tampons and pads can be bulky and irritate your skin when you wear leggings. A better solution is to use Thinx period panties. They have a built-in absorbent lining that stops leaks before they happen. Thinx is also great for swimming… working out… and hot yoga sessions during your period.

Thinx Sport Menstrual Underwear | Period Underwear for Women | Period Panties (Black... Large)

Knix Underwear Review

Like all underwear… Thinx comes in a variety of styles and colors to match your mood. They even have boy short styles with no visible lines under your clothes! Thinx is made from high-quality material that feels silky soft against your skin.

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Can You See a Pad Through Leggings?

This is the question that has been on everyone’s minds… and the answer is YES. You can see a pad through leggings… but you need to have a look at where the pad is placed.

If it’s in the front of your underwear and not between your legs… you’ll be able to see it when wearing tight leggings. If it’s placed between your legs… then you won’t be able to see a pad through leggings at all.

This is something that you should be aware of if you’re going on a date or if you’re worried about using pads when wearing tight clothing around people.

There are many ways to prevent this from happening… such as wearing underwear with pads in them instead of just putting pads directly on your skin.

Also… having the pad placed in between your legs will help ensure that nobody will be able to notice it if they’re looking for it.

Whether you are looking for leggings that can hide a pad or simply regular leggings that don’t allow your underwear to show… you want to make sure that they are thick enough so that they can’t be seen through them.

You can always wear leggings with a shorter shirt that covers your bottom half… so when you bend down… no one will see your pad. This way you’ll be able to wear whatever you want without having to ask yourself if your outfit will be noticed by everyone.

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How Do You Wear Leggings on Your Period?

If you do decide to wear leggings on your period then make sure that you don’t have an accident and leak blood anywhere because there will be no way to hide it.

Double up on underwear… use panty liners or pads… or use tampons instead of wearing a pad if you want to stay away from leaks.

  1. Buy “period-proof” underwear
  2. Wear long tops/shirts that cover your bum
  3. Change your menstrual pad often and keep a pack of extra pads in your purse at all times

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In summary… a lot of people think you can’t wear leggings with a pad. But that isn’t true. If you have your period… you can definitely still wear leggings. If you’re wondering how to do it… read on for answers to your questions.

Leggings are a great choice for women when they’re on their period because they often come in dark colors that hide stains well. They are also very comfortable and soft and easy to move around in. So why wouldn’t someone want to wear them?

The problem is that sometimes leggings have a tendency to be tight in the crotch area and they can show through if they are wet or stained from menstruation fluids.

Some people also wonder if wearing a pad with leggings is something that should be done because it can be uncomfortable as well as unsightly if the pad is visible through the fabric.

However… it isn’t impossible for someone who has her period and wears leggings at the same time to do so comfortably without worrying about how her underwear looks or feels.

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