How Do You Wash Trousers in a Washing Machine? (9 Easy Steps)

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Washing Your Trousers In A Washing Machine

Trousers can easily be handled in a washing machine. The most important thing to remember when you wash your Trouser is to make sure you place them in the washing machine with a similar color of clothing. If you do not the color may bleed onto your Trouser’s and they will no longer be the original color.

It is also important to remember to wash them on the delicate cycle and make sure your Trousers are washed inside out… that way it will keep the original shape of your Trousers.

Washing Trousers in a Washing Machine is a very simple task. You can wash them just like you would any other clothing item.

9 Simple Steps For Washing Trousers In A Washing Machine Correctly

To be on the safe side… it is better if you put your trousers inside a pillowcase or similar solution before you place them in the washing machine. This will protect it from getting damaged in the washing machine drum and also prevent it from tangling.

Let’s read on.

1: Follow Instructions

Yes… I know… what a lame place to start. I bet you are comparing me to Einstein right now for this piece of brilliant advice – aren’t you?

Nonetheless… it is an important place to begin.

Check the instructions on the label that comes with your washing machine… this will usually be on a little card inside the door of your washing machine.

If there are no specific instructions for washing trousers in a washing machine… follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for general clothing care. It is very important to check these instructions as the settings and programs can vary from one brand to another.

Also… check the washing instructions on the label of your trousers. Manufacturers usually give strict washing instructions for their trousers that you should follow.

Okay – let’s look at some of the good stuff.

2: Turn Your Trousers Inside Out

Did you know that it is crucial to turn your trousers inside out before washing them in the machine? Turning your trousers inside out before washing will help keep your favorite pair of work or casual trousers looking newer for longer.

Why It Is Important To Turn Your Trousers Inside Out Before Washing?

  1. Turning your pants inside out before washing them is the simplest way to prevent color loss and minimize shrinking.
  2. Treating your clothes with care when you wash them is an easy way to extend their life span and make sure they look as good as possible for as long as possible. It doesn’t take much effort or cost a lot of money to do this.
  3. The key to keeping your clothes in good condition is turning them inside out before you wash them… a trick that most washing instructions will recommend but that many people tend to forget about. This makes sure that the dye stays on the pants… rather than being rubbed off onto other items in the washing machine.
  4. It also protects any prints on your clothing from being damaged in the wash… so that they stay bright and vibrant for longer. If you have any buttons or trims on your clothing… they’re less likely to fall off if they’re protected while you’re washing your clothes.
  5. This isn’t just good advice for pants – it’s something that should be applied to anything made with colors or prints… including T-shirts… dresses… and jackets. You can even keep colored tights looking like new by turning them inside out before washing them!
  6. This will protect the outside material from damage caused by rubbing against other clothing items during the wash cycle.
  7. Trousers should be placed into the washing machine inside out so that they do not become caught in the inner workings of the drum… and so that no buttons or zips become ripped off during the course of the wash.
  8. It is important because this helps to protect the pockets from wear and tear.
  9. Turning your trousers inside out before washing prevents the formation of excess lint and fluff… which can clog up the washing machine… resulting in a ruined load of laundry.

3: Put Your Trousers Inside A Pillowcase

There is a little trick to washing your trousers the right way and that is to place your trousers inside a pillowcase before washing them in the washing machine.

Why It Is Important To Put Your Trousers Inside A Pillowcase Before Washing?

  1. The best way to wash your trousers without them losing their shape is to put them in a pillowcase.
  2. Then put the pillowcase with your trousers into the washing machine and then close the machine properly. This way you can eliminate excess water from being forced into the trousers.
  3. If you were to do it without a pillowcase… they would get creased and if they were to get creased… they would not look good when you wear them.
  4. This will also prevent your clothes from getting stuck together.
  5. If you want to keep your favorite pair of pants in good condition and make them last a long time… then you should put them inside a pillowcase before washing. This is very important if the pants are made of linen… wool… or any other fabric that is not completely colorfast.
  6. If you do not put your pants inside a pillowcase they can get caught on something while they are being washed and get ripped. They can also be torn by the agitator in the washing machine or by the dryer.

Putting your pants inside a pillowcase can prevent those things from happening because the pillowcase will protect them from getting snagged or torn.

4: Wash Your Trousers At The Correct Temperature

Select a program suitable for washing trousers in a washing machine and set your washing machine to this program. Ensure that you select a temperature that is suitable for washing trousers in a washing machine… generally… this will be either warm or cold water depending on whether your trousers are cotton or wool.

Trousers should NOT be washed in water that is too hot as this can cause damage to the material. It is best to wash them at 30 degrees or below as this will prevent shrinkage.

Wash your trousers on a delicate cycle using cold water only. If you want to use warm water… make sure it does not exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). Hotter temperatures can cause the fabric to shrink and become more prone to breaking down. If you are concerned about shrinking… you may want to wash your trousers on a permanent press cycle instead of the delicate cycle.

5: Use Detergent – But Not Too Much

Add some clothes detergent to your wash load along with some softener if required. Your washer should come with recommendations on how much detergent you need to use per wash load. Use enough detergent for a good cleaning… but do not overfill it or add too much detergent.

If you want your clothes to come out of the wash smelling fresh and bright… choose clear detergents that contain special perfumes and scents. You can also add a little fabric softener or dry your clothes on a low heat setting.

If you notice that your pants are stained… pre-treat them with stain remover before putting them in the washer.

6: Do Not Overload The Washer

Do not overload your washing machine… as this can cause excess tumbling and wear that will shorten the life of your pants.

If you have several pairs of trousers to wash… do not overload your washing machine. Overloading can cause excess tumbling and wear that will shorten the life of your pants.

If you have more than one pair of trousers to wash in the washing machine… be sure to add a pair of thick towels in with them. This will help to cushion them and protect them from getting wrinkled or damaged while they are being washed.

In general… you should not load more than one-half to two-thirds of your washer’s capacity with clothing. The maximum amount is usually listed on the machine itself. Overloading can also cause tension in the washing machine’s internal parts… which can lead to a breakdown of some of those parts.

7: Wash Your Trousers On The Delicate Cycle

The delicate cycle isn’t meant just for sweaters and t-shirts. It’s also safe for pants because it protects them from getting tangled in other items during the spin cycle.

You’ll have fewer wrinkles too because the detergent only touches your clothing for a short amount of time… so there’s no chance for it to set in.

There’s also less risk of snagging or tearing a piece of clothing when you’re using this cycle as opposed to a regular one.

8: Remove Your Trousers Immediately

Remove your trousers from the washing machine as soon as they are finished in the wash cycle. Do not let them sit wet in the washer for long periods of time.

It is best to remove your trousers from the washing machine as soon as they are finished in the wash cycle. Leaving them wet in the washer for long periods of time will leave them smelling stale and eventually… this will begin to permeate all of your clothes in the machine.

Mold and mildew can grow easily in wet environments… particularly warm ones like inside a washing machine.

If you leave your trousers in the washer longer than necessary… they will sit in this dirty murky water for long periods of time. This dirty water has soap suds that may settle on your trousers and make them shrink when they dry up completely.

So if you want to prevent your trousers from shrinking… always take them out as soon as the washing cycle is over. Do not let them sit there for long periods of time because this can cause shrinkage making your trousers shorter than before.

9: Dry Them Correctly

You should air dry your trousers if possible. This is because drying them in the dryer can cause the fabric to shrink and fade. However… if you do not have enough time to hang dry them… then set your dryer on low heat and hang your trousers on a hanger.

After removing from the washing machine… hang up trousers to dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Airing out is important to prevent shrinkage and any lingering odor.

Trousers are more susceptible than other fabrics to permanent creases if they are not handled properly during cleaning. To avoid this problem… take care when removing them from the machine and when hanging them up to dry.

Do not over-bunch clothing while loading or unloading the washing machine or while hanging it on the line—this can cause permanent creasing in trousers.

In summary… when it comes to washing trousers… there’s no need to overcomplicate things. There’s no reason that washing trousers in a washing machine should be any more perplexing than washing anything else. All in all… these precautions should make it less likely for your pants to be destroyed by a washing machine.

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