Can You Get a Skirt Taken In? (If So How Many Sizes?)

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If you find yourself in possession of a skirt that no longer fits… it’s possible to take it in or let it out. You can also get a skirt taken in at the waist or let it out if there is too much material around the hips.

Can you get a skirt taken in? Yes… you can. If you want to take in your skirt… go to a tailor and ask if they can do it. A tailor will be able to tell you right off the bat what they think they can do with your skirt.

A skirt can be taken in by taking it to a tailor or seamstress and having them remove excess fabric with darts and seams to make the skirt smaller. You generally cannot take in a skirt past the point where the fabric will fit comfortably because… after that point… it will be too tight for comfort.

Tailoring is expensive and not always effective… so if you have a favorite skirt that doesn’t fit quite how you want any more… consider getting another one in your desired size instead of trying to bring the old one back into shape.

Can You Get a Skirt Taken In?

Yes… but not as much as one might think. Skirts typically have no darts and are made of thick material that doesn’t easily stretch… so it is difficult to take in too much.

The best way to get a skirt taken in is to have it professionally tailored by an experienced tailor… who can assess the situation based on the amount of fabric needed and has the tools and skills necessary to make the adjustments. It will be expensive… but if you really need a smaller waist… it would be worth it.

Overall… however… it’s usually more cost-effective and easier to simply buy a new skirt that fits rather than taking in one that doesn’t. Plus… once you’ve had your skirt altered once… it will likely never fit quite right again.

Whether or not a skirt can be taken in also depends on the type of skirt. Most of the time… yes… you can get a skirt taken in. If it is a flexible fabric such as denim or tulle… it can be taken in or let out. If the skirt is made out of stiff fabric like polyester or wool… you may need to buy another one.

Skirts tend to be more adaptable than pants because they are made from a lighter material that is easier to manipulate. However… there are some exceptions. For example… tulle skirts are typically made with stiffer material and should not be altered beyond taking them up one size at most.

How Many Sizes Can a Skirt Be Taken In?

A skirt can usually be taken in about two sizes—either two or four sizes for very small waistlines—depending on the type of fabric used and whether the waistband is elasticized or not. Elastic waistbands can handle much more adjusting than other styles.

How far you can take a skirt in depends on what material it is made from and how much of the original fabric you want to preserve.

Skirts made out of elastic material are usually worn loose because they are designed to give an attractive shape to your body. Skirt sizes are usually given according to height (for example… M for medium size). If you are about 5’4″ tall or shorter… you might consider getting a longer skirt that will fall below the knees.

It’s easy enough to get your skirt hemmed shorter if you like the length. On the other hand… if you are taller than 5’8″… it can make sense to consider getting a shorter skirt so that it will fall above the knees rather than below them.

If your hips are much wider than your waist… you’ll have to re-shape the skirt entirely if you want it to fit properly. You’ll also need to make sure that there’s enough fabric for alterations before you buy it — don’t just assume that taking a few inches out of the waist will make the skirt fit everywhere else!

Can a Denim Skirt Be Taken In?

Generally speaking… yes… but some denim skirts have only minimal allowances for alterations and will not be able to accommodate enough taking in to fit your frame properly.

However… the type of denim you have will affect how it can be tailored. If your skirt is made from a lightweight denim material… it may not hold up as well when sewn together… so you might want to go with something else instead.

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If you have a heavier material though… you should be able to get away with sizing down by one size (for example… an 8 should fit into a 6). This will give you a tighter fit around the waist while still looking stylish and flattering on your body type. You can always take it in more after alterations if needed!

How Do You Fix a Skirt That Is Too Small?

To fix a too-small skirt… it is best to take it to a tailor who has experience with skirts specifically. To repair the damage caused by wearing an ill-fitting skirt… the tailor will have to remove some of the fabric on the inside of the seam allowance and reattach it so that it fits around your hips properly. This process is called tapering and is relatively easy for tailors to complete.

You can also try.

  1. Stretch the fabric by pulling it over a hanger… or hang it up with towels and weights.
  2. Tape the hem. If you do not want to sew the hem of your skirt… use clear tape to keep it down when wearing it. This will make you feel more comfortable while walking and talking. However… do not rely on tape alone as it will only hold for a few hours.
  3. Wear a slip underneath. This can help prevent stretching and creases in the fabric by absorbing sweat and moisture from your body. If you do not have a slip that fits with this outfit… wear one under another skirt or pair of pants that fit better.

You may be able to make a simple adjustment at the waist of your skirt to reduce its size. You can do this by turning up the waistband and stitching it or using a seam ripper to remove a row of stitching from the bottom of the waistband.

However… if you are removing a row of stitching… make sure that you sew the seam back up well enough so that it does not unravel. You can also try taking your skirt to a tailor… who will likely have a way of fixing your skirt without having to completely alter it.

Can a Skirt Be Taken Out?

If you’ve ever bought a skirt or dress and then wished it was larger… you’re not alone. Sometimes you can find a seam with an opening large enough to let in some extra fabric… or you can take the skirt apart… add some elastic or a commercial waistband extender and then put it back together again.

Things to consider:

  1. It depends on the skirt. If it’s a knit skirt or a gored skirt… you can usually add elastic to make it bigger. For example… with a straight skirt… you can use a 1/2-inch-wide elastic to gather the bottom of the skirt and make it wider.
  2. On a pencil skirt… you can use one of the commercial waistband extenders. This is a piece of stretchy fabric with snaps or Velcro that slides into the waistband and extends it.
  3. If you have a pleated or gored skirt… you’re out of luck. You can’t take such a skirt out because there’s no seam at the waistline. To make such a skirt larger… add fabric in the back or front. If it’s too long… add length by cutting and resewing at an angle under the hemline so that it doesn’t show when wearing.

Tailors can enlarge a skirt in several ways. They can remove the existing waistband and add elastic or use fabric from the skirt to create an extension band. They can also remove excess fabric from the bottom of the skirt… which will shorten the skirt rather than make it longer.

These alterations can be costly… so if you’re looking for an inexpensive solution… consider buying a type of waistband extender that can be purchased at most department stores. This type of product is especially effective if you’re trying to squeeze into a tight-fitting skirt because it gives you a more comfortable fit.

But remember that not all skirts are created equal; taking in one style will look different from another. Readjusting a wrap or A-line skirt may leave unsightly bumps on the inside and outside of your legs… while gathering excess fabric on pleated skirts may distort their shape. An alteration might just give you more time to find something else that fits well.

Can You Get Skirts Tailored?

Can you get a skirt tailored? The answer is usually yes… but it’s not always a good idea. If the skirt has a narrow waistband… such as a pencil skirt or a wrap skirt… tailoring may be difficult and could result in stretched-out material. Also… a shortening of the skirt can cause problems with the fit of the waistband.

Tailoring is a great option for skirts that are too big or too small because it can make a garment fit better and more comfortably.

BUT… Tailoring is more expensive than buying a new skirt of the same color and style. It also can take longer to get a tailored skirt back… because the tailor has to try on the item and make sure it fits properly.

But not all skirts are created equal. Skirts made of particularly delicate fabrics may not be able to take the stress of tailoring. Also… some styles may not be able to be tailored at all. Skirts with zippers or buttons may not be good candidates for tailoring.

Can You Take Up a Tulle Skirt?

Tulle skirts are an elegant and fashionable garment that can be worn for many occasions—from weddings to parties to any casual day or night. The skirt is often made of layers of tulle sewn together and then gathered into pleats or a full circle skirt.

A variation of the skirt is made with several layers of tulle instead of one layer. The design is both beautiful and comfortable… however… there are instances when the skirt can be too big for you. There are ways on how you can take up a tulle skirt if it’s too big for you.

Tulle skirts are usually very long garments that can be worn at different lengths depending on your preference. The longer the length… the more elegant the look will be. If your tulle skirt is too long for you… you can make some alterations to the garment so it will fit your body perfectly.

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The biggest downside to tulle is its tendency to get caught on everything from clothing tags on other skirts to zippers on purses! Although tulle can be slightly easier to wear than other materials because of its ability to flow and move with an individual’s body… it tends to be more difficult than most fabrics when it comes time for someone to hem them up.

  1. Wrap it around your waist. This is the simplest way to take up a tulle skirt without any sewing required at all! Simply wrap the excess fabric around your waistline and pin it in place.
  2. Take up the hem. Hem tape is a great alternative to sewing… especially if you’re in a rush. All it takes is heat from an iron to make hem tape stick down and stay put. Just be sure not to get any extra glue on your hem since this could cause your tulle to curl or cup up over time.
  3. Use safety pins. You can also take up your skirt with safety pins that are positioned along the hem and held in place with strong double-sided tape (like Gorilla Tape).

In summary… as you can see… any number of changes or alterations can be made to a skirt—from lengthening it to tightening it to shortening it. Just remember… when the hem of your skirt is altered… it may look fine while you’re sitting down… but once you stand up and walk around… it will no longer lay flat on the floor in front of you.

For that reason… take time shopping around before making a final decision. If you’re not sure if an adjustment can be made… check with your seamstress or tailor before taking the skirt home.

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