Should You Switch to Boxer Briefs? (Are Boxers or Briefs Better?)

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Boxer briefs are a hybrid type of underwear that is a compromise between boxers and briefs. They cover the same amount of skin as briefs… but they have a fitted waistband like boxers. Boxer briefs are worn by many men… but some guys opt to wear either boxers or briefs exclusively.

Boxer briefs combine the support of briefs with the comfort and freedom of boxers. The rise in these styles is higher than traditional briefs… which means they offer more coverage and support around your waistline.

If you’re considering making the switch to boxer briefs… there are several considerations you should take into account.

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Are Boxers or Briefs Better?

Boxers or briefs? That’s the question on many minds this time of year when guys are getting new underwear. Okay… so there are two camps here. One side says boxer briefs are the perfect combination of comfort… style… and support. The other says men should stick to boxers or traditional briefs.

The short answer is that both styles have their merits for different men. Briefs offer support and security… but boxers are more comfortable and lightweight to wear. Boxer briefs are a hybrid style that provides the best of both worlds. Here are some things to consider when selecting your next pair of underwear:

  • Price: Briefs tend to be more expensive than boxers and boxer briefs because of the amount of fabric involved. The extra material is needed to provide support… but it can’t be as lightweight as that found in boxers.
  • Bulky and uncomfortable – Bulky underwear can be distracting… especially when working out. Also… you will sweat more with them on because there is more material between your body and the air around you. Most boxers are comfortable enough to wear all day without feeling too hot and sweaty.
  • Longer lifespan – The elastic waistband on most boxers is much stronger than that of a typical pair of briefs or boxer briefs. This means that they will last longer… which can save you money in the long run.
  • Additionally… the elastic band is usually either on the outside or inside of the waistband… so it doesn’t show under most pants or shorts. Less vulnerable to tears – Boxers are less likely to get holes in them than briefs because of the fact that they usually have fewer seams.


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The case for briefs:

Briefs are the most popular type of men’s underwear that is worn by both young and old men. They are also known as Y-Fronts… which is an abbreviation for the shape of the front pouch.

Briefs have a pouch that is shaped like the letter Y… this makes them different from Boxers because they do not have side seams. Boxer shorts also come in different styles including low rise… regular rise… and high rise.

  1. Better Fit & Support: Boxer briefs provide a better fit and more support than briefs and boxers. They give you a much better feel than boxers because they aren’t as loose so there is no riding up of the legs. They also offer more support than briefs do because they don’t ride down as briefs do.
  2. More Comfortable: The best part about boxer briefs is that they are more comfortable than boxers… briefs… and even regular underwear. Boxer briefs have a tag on them (that’s removable) but they’re very comfortable to wear because they don’t ride up in your crotch as boxers do. Other styles of underwear may ride up in your crotch sometimes… but not boxer briefs.
  3. Easier to Wash & Dry: Another bonus of wearing boxer briefs is that it is much easier to wash and dry them than other styles of underwear.
  4. Improved Style – Boxer briefs come in a variety of styles and colors to fit every personality and wardrobe choice. They also come in more fashionable cuts that can really elevate your look when worn outside of the house.

If you’ve tried both styles of underwear… you may not notice much difference. However… there are some people who feel that boxers cause chafing and don’t fit as well as boxer briefs. Try both styles of underwear on for yourself to see what works best for you.

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Why Are Briefs So Comfortable?

Briefs are so comfortable because they have a waistband that sits on top of your hips and doesn’t dig in. The elastic at the leg openings keeps them from sliding down… and the fabric is soft and smooth against your skin.

With the rise up high enough so no one can see them… briefs are the most comfortable underwear you can wear.

Tighty-whities work similarly… but with a key difference: They sit lower on your hips… where your legs meet your torso. That’s a problem for some guys because it puts the waistband low enough to cut into their love handles.

That’s also why tighty-whities have an uncomfortable seam that runs from front to back — it’s designed to ride up over that sensitive area. Boxers sit even lower… making them even less comfortable than tighty-whities.


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Briefs stay up better than any other style because they don’t slide down when you’re walking. Boxers and loose-fitting boxer briefs tend to sag around your thighs… forcing you to hike them up constantly as you move about during the day.

This not only feels annoying but it can be downright embarrassing if you’re wearing shorts or trousers instead of pants.

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Should You Switch to Boxer Briefs?

While cotton boxers have a long history… the boxer brief style has been around for only a few decades. But like the boxer… it’s become very popular over time. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider switching to boxer briefs:

  1. Better Comfort. Many men find that boxer briefs offer better comfort than traditional boxers. They’re more comfortable to wear and easier to put on and take off.
  2. Boxer Briefs Are Great Under Nearly Everything. The snug fit of boxer briefs helps them to stay in place under clothing. Boxer-brief wearers also report that they don’t ride up as much or bunch as readily as traditional boxers do.
  3. Boxer Briefs Are More Modern. Boxer briefs are more modern-looking than traditional boxers… which can look like undershorts at times.
  4. Boxer Briefs Give You Better Coverage. The fuller coverage offered by boxer briefs can be especially valuable if you have a muscular physique or you tend to sweat a lot when you exercise.

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Is Wearing Boxer Briefs All the Time Bad?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding boxer briefs. If you feel comfortable in boxer briefs and there are no medical conditions that would be affected by wearing them… then there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

The hybrid underwear design means that the fit is somewhere in between boxers and briefs. It’s not too tight… but it isn’t baggy either – it sits comfortably at your waist without bunching up or feeling like it’s too loose.

There are indeed good things about the boxer brief. It is arguably the most popular men’s underwear style for a reason. Wearing boxer briefs at all times guarantees you comfort… confidence… a better physique… and improved self-esteem.

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Do Boxer Briefs Provide Support?

Boxer briefs are tighter around your legs than traditional boxers or loose-fitting briefs… so they provide more support for your package without constricting you. They also keep everything front and center where it belongs.

Tighter than boxers but looser than briefs… boxer briefs provide the best of both worlds for men who are tired of constantly adjusting their underwear throughout the day.

  1. Firstly… boxer briefs provide a very comfortable fit. They do not feel tight around the legs and crotch area like other kinds of underwear. Actually… they often give an illusion of more space in this area.
  2. Secondly… boxer briefs are designed to keep your privates warm while being active. As such… they provide a good balance between comfort and functional needs.
  3. Thirdly… boxer briefs are the second most popular men’s underwear type after boxers. This means that you will be able to find them in almost any store that carries men’s underwear.
  4. Fourthly… boxer briefs usually have a vertical fly opening instead of a horizontal one like some other types of underwear have. This makes them easier to put on and take off if you need to do so in a hurry for any reason or any time at all.
  5. Fifthly, boxer briefs offer better support than regular boxers. Even though some people might think that boxers are easier to move around in when performing physical activities… boxer briefs actually tend to keep everything in place better while you are moving around.

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Why Do Guys Wear Boxers Instead of Briefs?

Underwear is a big deal. It’s something that you wear every day and it can help you feel more confident or it can make you feel like less of a man. For example… if your underwear is too tight… it can cause discomfort and become an annoyance. The same goes for underwear that is too loose or too low-cut.


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In the end… wearing comfortable underwear can help boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself.

Boxers have been the favored underwear style among men for decades… while briefs have slipped to second place. The reasons are varied: comfort… health concerns… fashion sense… and even packaging.

  • Loose boxers are very comfortable to wear compared to briefs and they do not give you that tight feeling around your crotch area.
  • Boxer shorts are also ideal to wear when running or when you are playing sports or even when you are at home. This is because they keep you cool because of the air flowing through the fabric thus preventing you from sweating in that part area and causing a bad odor.
  • Another advantage of wearing boxer shorts is that they have no elastic band that can dig into your skin if worn for long hours unlike other types of underwear like briefs.

In summary… Boxer briefs are also a great option for athletic events or everyday wear because they offer support while also allowing a full range of motion in the legs. Boxer briefs do not contain a fly as they do not require either maximum support or maximum usage of the groin area.

If you’re a guy who wears boxers all the time… feel free to keep doing so. There’s nothing technically wrong with this choice… and it might be very comfortable for you. If it’s not… though… know that boxer briefs are an option for your underwear drawer.

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