How To Dress Like Walter White

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To dress like Walter White from Breaking Bad, start with a pair of beige or khaki pants, a green button-down shirt, and a black or brown windbreaker jacket. Add glasses with a thin, metal frame. For the iconic “Heisenberg” look, add a black pork pie hat and sunglasses.

Breaking Into Style: Dressing Like Walter White

Walter White, the protagonist of the critically acclaimed TV series “Breaking Bad,” has a distinct and relatively consistent style throughout the series. Here’s how you could replicate his look:

  1. Button-Down Shirts: Walter often wears short-sleeved, button-down shirts in muted colors, like green, beige, or brown. These are typically plain or feature a subtle pattern.
  2. Wallabees Shoes: A crucial part of Walter’s outfit is his footwear. He’s often seen in beige suede Clarks Originals Wallabees.
  3. Khaki Pants: Walter typically pairs his shirts with khaki or beige pants, favoring a relaxed but neat style.
  4. Glasses: Walter White’s rectangular, wire-frame glasses are part of his signature look. If you wear glasses, consider finding a similar pair.
  5. Windbreaker Jackets: In cooler weather, Walter is seen in windbreakers and light jackets, often in earthy tones.
  6. Goatee and Bald Head: While this isn’t clothing, Walter’s bald head and goatee became symbolic of his transformation into his alter ego, Heisenberg. A bald cap and fake goatee could complete your Walter White outfit.
  7. Black Hat and Sunglasses: To truly embody the Heisenberg persona, a black pork pie hat and aviator sunglasses are necessary.
  8. Hazmat Suit: If you’re feeling adventurous, Walter’s yellow hazmat suit, complete with a gas mask, is another iconic look.

Remember, replicating Walter White’s style isn’t just about matching his clothes – it’s also about capturing the essence of a complex character. Always make sure your fashion choices align with your personal style and comfort.

Assembling the Iconic Outfit

Ready to assemble that iconic outfit and channel your inner Heisenberg? Let’s dive into the outfit breakdown and color significance of Walter White’s attire.

Dressing like the infamous chemistry teacher-turned-meth kingpin from Breaking Bad isn’t just a great conversation starter, it’s also a simple and comfortable look that you can put together with ease.

Start with a pair of beige or khaki-colored chinos. Follow it up with a short-sleeved, button-up shirt in either green or earthy tones. These colors are significant as they represent his transformation from a mild-mannered teacher to a powerful and feared drug lord.

Don’t forget to top it off with a black pork pie hat, which is a trademark of the Heisenberg persona, and a pair of black sunglasses to complete the look.

Now you’re ready to take on the world as the iconic Walter White. Just remember to keep it friendly and leave the meth-making to the fictional world!

Choosing the Perfect Pork Pie Hat

Can’t forget the iconic pork pie hat that truly completes the look! This stylish hat, with its flat crown and short, upturned brim, adds a touch of sophistication to Walter White’s outfit.

When choosing the perfect pork pie hat, consider the different hat materials available. Traditionally, these hats are made of felt, but you can also find them in straw, wool, or even leather. Each material offers its own unique look and feel, so pick one that suits your style and needs.

Plus, knowing that you’re wearing a hat with a rich history dating back to the 19th century adds a layer of intrigue to your ensemble.

To ensure you look as authentic as possible, pay attention to the hat’s details. Look for a hat with a rounded, creased crown and a narrow brim that’s turned up all the way around. The color of your pork pie hat should be either black or brown, as these were the colors Walter White often wore.

Don’t be afraid to try on different sizes and styles to find the perfect fit for your head shape and preference. Remember, the key to pulling off this look is confidence, so wear your pork pie hat with pride and embrace your inner Heisenberg!

Mastering the Heisenberg Facial Hair

Now that you’ve got the hat, it’s time to perfect Heisenberg’s iconic facial hair for a truly transformational look. Growing and maintaining a goatee like Walter White’s is all about beard maintenance and trimming techniques.

First, let your facial hair grow for a couple of weeks, so you have enough length to work with. Then, use a trimmer to shape your goatee, focusing on the area around your mouth and chin. Remember, Walter’s goatee is well-defined, so keep those lines clean and sharp.

Once you’ve achieved the desired shape, it’s essential to keep your goatee looking fresh and well-groomed. Regularly wash your facial hair with beard shampoo and condition it with beard oil to keep it soft and healthy. Plus, invest in a good quality trimmer to maintain the length and shape of your Heisenberg-inspired goatee.

With proper beard maintenance and trimming techniques, you’ll be rocking the Heisenberg look with confidence and style. So, embrace your inner Walter White and show off your new, badass persona to the world.

Finding the Right Eyewear

In this section, we’re focusing on finding the perfect eyewear to complete your Heisenberg transformation, giving you that unmistakable, powerful gaze.

Eyewear importance can’t be overstated, as it’s a key accessory that adds an air of mystery and intelligence to Walter White’s persona.

Just like with facial hair, choosing the right eyewear is essential to nailing the look and making you feel like the one who knocks. Frame selection plays a major role in achieving the desired style.

For the Heisenberg look, go for glasses with a thick, black frame that has a square or rectangular shape.

This will give you that bold and assertive appearance that Walter White is known for. You can find affordable options at eyewear stores, online, or even at thrift stores if you’re on a budget.

And remember, the right eyewear is not only about the looks – it should also feel comfortable and fit well on your face.

So, try on a few pairs and choose the one that makes you feel like a true Heisenberg!

Adding Finishing Touches and Accessories

It’s time to put the cherry on top of your Heisenberg transformation by adding those essential finishing touches and accessories that’ll make you truly embody the iconic character.

One of the most elegant ways to add a touch of Breaking Bad to your wardrobe is by sporting a pair of Breaking Bad cufflinks.

These subtle yet stylish accessories are perfect for adding a hint of Walter White’s personality to your outfit while keeping it classy. They’ll be a great conversation starter at your next event, and a nod to fellow fans of the show.

Another important accessory that shouldn’t be overlooked is White’s wristwatch. This functional yet fashionable piece of jewelry not only helps you keep track of time, but also adds an authentic touch to your Walter White ensemble.

Choose a watch that closely resembles the one worn by Bryan Cranston on the show, and wear it with pride, knowing that you’ve truly captured the essence of the character.

With the right eyewear, outfit, and accessories, you’ll be ready to step out as the one who knocks, and who knows – maybe even cook up some blue candy to complete the experience!

FAQs: How To Dress Like Walter White

What are some iconic pieces of clothing that Walter White wore?

Walter White is known for always wearing a green button-up shirt, tan pants, and a pork pie hat. He also occasionally wears a black jacket and black sunglasses.

Where can I buy the clothing that Walter White wore?

There are various clothing stores and online retailers that sell clothing similar to what Walter White wore, such as basic green button-up shirts and pork pie hats. You can also find replica costumes online.

What pants did Walter White wear?

Walter White typically wore khaki pants and dress pants in a light tan color. You can find similar pants in many clothing stores.

What shoes did Walter White wear?

Walter White typically wore black leather dress shoes. You can find similar shoes in many shoe stores.

How can I incorporate Walter White’s style into my own wardrobe?

You can start by incorporating the iconic green button-up shirts, tan pants, and pork pie hats into your wardrobe. You can also try incorporating a black jacket and black sunglasses for a more complete Walter White look.

How do I style a pork pie hat like Walter White?

You can wear the pork pie hat with a green button-up shirt and tan pants, or with a black jacket and black sunglasses for a more complete Walter White look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different outfits to find what works for you.

Can I wear Walter White’s style to work?

Depending on your workplace, you may be able to incorporate Walter White’s style into your workplace attire. However, it’s important to make sure that your clothing is appropriate for your workplace and dress code.

What other accessories can I wear to complete a Walter White look?

In addition to the pork pie hat, black jacket, and black sunglasses, you can also try wearing a simple metal watch, a leather belt, and black dress shoes to complete the look.


So, you’ve got all the tips to nail Walter White’s iconic look! It’s time to put it all together and channel your inner Heisenberg.

Remember, confidence is key when rocking this outfit, and you’re sure to turn heads.

With the perfect pork pie hat, facial hair, eyewear, and finishing touches, you’ll be the life of the party or a hit at your next costume event.

Now go out there and show off that Heisenberg swagger!