How To Dress Like Audrey Hepburn

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To dress like Audrey Hepburn, aim for a timeless, elegant style. A black turtleneck, cropped trousers, and ballet flats make a simple, chic outfit. For a more formal look, a little black dress and pearls are essential. Don’t forget her iconic oversized sunglasses and a classic red lip for the complete Hepburn look.

Emulating Elegance: How to Dress Like Audrey Hepburn

Known for her timeless and elegant style, Audrey Hepburn is considered one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century. Here’s how you can channel her graceful yet effortless look:

  1. Little Black Dress: Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic outfit is the little black dress she wore in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” A sleek, knee-length black dress is a staple for any Audrey-inspired wardrobe.
  2. Trench Coats: Hepburn often wore classic trench coats, which added an element of sophistication to her outfits. Choose a well-tailored one in a neutral color like tan or black.
  3. Slim Black Pants: Another signature look of Audrey’s was her slim black pants paired with a simple shirt. Go for high-waisted styles for an extra touch of classic glamour.
  4. Ballet Flats: Audrey often wore ballet flats, which added to her chic, effortless look. They’re also perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any casual outfit.
  5. Pearls: Hepburn frequently accessorized with pearl necklaces and earrings. They’re perfect for adding a touch of class to any outfit.
  6. Scarves: Audrey often wore scarves around her neck or head, which added a touch of Parisian chic to her outfits.
  7. Sunglasses: One of Audrey’s most memorable accessories were her oversized sunglasses, perfect for adding an air of mystery to your look.
  8. Hair and Makeup: Hepburn’s beauty look was all about simplicity. She often wore her hair in a sleek bun or pixie cut. For makeup, she emphasized her eyes with a bit of eyeliner and kept the rest of her makeup light and natural.

With these tips, you can incorporate some of Audrey Hepburn’s timeless style into your own wardrobe, creating a look that’s both classic and effortlessly chic.

Embracing Minimalism and Elegance

Embracing minimalism and elegance is key to capturing that timeless style. To truly embody Audrey’s style, pay attention to the details.

Incorporate elegant simplicity by choosing classic, versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Timeless sophistication is all about quality over quantity, so invest in well-made garments that fit well and will last for years.

Don’t be afraid to splurge on wardrobe staples like a little black dress, tailored trousers, or a crisp white blouse – these items will become the foundation of your Audrey Hepburn-inspired outfits.

To elevate your look without overpowering it, select understated accessories like pearl earrings or a simple pendant necklace. Opt for neutral colors like black, white, and beige, as well as timeless patterns such as stripes and polka dots.

When it comes to makeup, keep it subtle and classic with a swipe of mascara, a touch of blush, and a bold red lip. By focusing on these elements, you’ll be well on your way to channeling the grace and sophistication of Audrey Hepburn.

Essential Wardrobe Pieces to Invest In

Ready to channel your inner classic Hollywood starlet? Let’s dive into the must-have wardrobe pieces to achieve that timeless elegance!

Audrey Hepburn was known for her minimalist yet chic style, which means you won’t need to break the bank or overcrowd your closet to emulate her look.

Plus, investing in a few high-quality, versatile items aligns with the growing trend of sustainable fashion, so you can feel good about your purchases.

To get started, consider these essential wardrobe pieces:

  • Timeless footwear: Think elegant ballet flats, classic black pumps, or sleek loafers that can be dressed up or down. These versatile shoes can effortlessly elevate any outfit while keeping your feet comfortable.

  • The perfect LBD (Little Black Dress): A simple, well-fitting black dress is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Look for a design that flatters your body shape and can be easily accessorized for various occasions.

  • A tailored trench coat: This classic piece is perfect for transitional weather and adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Opt for a neutral color that can be worn with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Remember that the key to achieving Audrey Hepburn’s iconic style is to embrace minimalism and elegance.

Invest in high-quality, sustainable fashion pieces that can be mixed and matched in various ways, and you’ll be well on your way to channeling your inner Hollywood starlet.

Accessorizing with Classic Style

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s amp up your look with some timeless accessories that’ll truly make a statement!

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with these classic pieces that not only elevate your outfit but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Trust us, you’ll be turning heads and catching compliments left and right with these simple yet stunning additions.

Pearl EssentialsTimeless SunglassesChic Scarves
Pearl studsCat-eye framesSilk
Pearl necklaceRound framesCashmere
Pearl braceletTortoiseshellPatterned
Pearl broochAviatorsSolid colors

Start with Pearl Essentials, as Audrey was known for her love of pearls. Incorporate a pair of simple pearl stud earrings, a single strand pearl necklace, or a dainty pearl bracelet into your ensemble.

Alternatively, a pearl brooch pinned to your LBD or blouse will do wonders in adding a touch of vintage glamour.

Next, invest in some Timeless Sunglasses that complement your face shape. Think cat-eye frames for a playful yet chic look, round frames for a touch of retro, or classic tortoiseshell and aviator styles for a versatile option that suits any outfit.

Finally, don’t forget to add a chic scarf to your wardrobe. Choose from luxurious silk or cozy cashmere, and play with patterns and solid colors to find the perfect finishing touch that’ll have you feeling like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn.

Hairstyles and Makeup Inspired by Audrey

To truly capture that timeless elegance, let’s dive into hairstyles and makeup inspired by the iconic star, making you feel as if you’ve stepped right out of a classic Hollywood film.

Vintage hairdos, like Audrey’s classic updo with a modern twist or her signature pixie cut, can easily be recreated with a few styling tools and a bit of practice. Don’t forget to add those perfect bangs for an extra touch of sophistication!

As for makeup, think timeless – a flawless complexion, subtly defined eyes, and a bold lip are all you need to emulate Audrey’s look.

When it comes to creating that Audrey-inspired look, remember that less is more. Focus on enhancing your natural beauty with a light touch and let your confidence shine through.

So go ahead, channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and embrace the timeless elegance that will not only make heads turn but also make you feel like the dazzling starlet you truly are.

Bringing Audrey’s Grace and Poise into Your Everyday Life

Embracing Audrey’s grace and poise in your everyday life isn’t just about looking the part, it’s about embodying her spirit and confidence, making a lasting impression on those around you.

Channel her subtle sophistication and timeless beauty by incorporating her values of kindness, humility, and elegance into your daily interactions.

Remember, Audrey Hepburn was known not only for her iconic style but also for her warm, genuine personality that made people feel special.

To bring Audrey’s grace and poise into your everyday life, focus on refining your manners, practicing good posture, and treating everyone with kindness and respect.

Pay attention to your body language, as it can communicate volumes about your inner confidence and composure. Smile genuinely, make eye contact, and listen actively when engaging with others.

By exuding grace and effortless elegance, you’ll not only honor Audrey’s legacy but also make a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

FAQs: How To Dress Like Audrey Hepburn

What clothing items do I need to create an Audrey Hepburn-inspired look?

To dress like Audrey Hepburn, you can start with a fitted black dress, ballet flats, pearl earrings, and a black wide-brimmed hat. These pieces are classic Audrey staples from the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. You can also add other simple yet elegant accessories such as a scarf, gloves, and sunglasses.

How can I style my hair like Audrey Hepburn?

Audrey Hepburn’s hair was often styled in a French twist or a high bun at the back of her head. To achieve this look, you can start by smoothing your hair with a wide-toothed comb and then teasing it at the crown. Gather your hair into a bun or twist, pinning it in place with bobby pins. Apply hairspray to secure your style.

What makeup look should I go for to achieve an Audrey Hepburn look?

Audrey Hepburn was known for her minimal yet sophisticated makeup look. To achieve this look, apply a light foundation or BB cream, highlight your cheekbones with a peachy blush, and accentuate your eyes with winged eyeliner and mascara. Finally, use a natural lip color, or go for a classic red lip for a more dramatic effect.

Where can I find clothing items to dress like Audrey Hepburn?

You can find Audrey Hepburn-inspired clothing items in many stores and online retailers. Look for fitted black dresses, capri pants, button-up shirts, and ballet flats. Vintage and thrift stores are also great places to find classic clothing items, such as large sunglasses and trench coats.

What can I do to add a personal touch to my Audrey Hepburn look?

To add a personal touch to your Audrey Hepburn-inspired look, accessorize with jewelry or pieces that represent your own style. You can also experiment with different hairstyles or add pops of color to your outfit. Remember, dressing like Audrey is all about being confident and comfortable in your own skin.


So, now you’re all set to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn! Embrace the elegance and minimalism of her timeless style, and don’t forget to accessorize with classic pieces.

You’ll be turning heads in no time.

Remember, it’s not just about the clothes and makeup, but also the grace and poise that made Audrey truly unforgettable.

Carry that confidence with you, and you’ll be dressing like a true icon.