How Long Does It Take to Dry Sweatpants? (How Do You Dry Sweatpants Fast?)

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Sweatpants and other clothing made from synthetic materials like polyester… nylon… or spandex can be washed in the washing machine… but they should be hung to air dry. This will prevent them from shrinking and prevent the material from getting damaged. If you want to dry sweatpants faster… here are a few tips to help you get the job done.

Sweatpants are a practical and comfortable choice of clothes when you want to stay at home. However… they need special care. You can’t just throw them in the drier and expect them to come out nice and fluffy!

How Do You Dry Sweatpants Fast?

Drying sweatpants is a simple process… but it does require some care. If you want to make your sweatpants dry fast… you should avoid throwing them in with your regular laundry load. This will prevent them from getting tangled in other clothes and make drying time faster.

The fastest way to dry sweatpants is to use a clothesline outside. The sun will help them dry even faster than the dryer. If you don’t have access to an outdoor clothesline… hang them up inside.

You can also use a portable clothesline if your laundry area doesn’t have enough space for a traditional line. The portable kind works just as well as a regular one and allows you to hang multiple pairs of sweatpants at once.


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You should be able to get two pairs of sweatpants clipped together on the same line or rack… so you can wait until laundry day to wash all your sweaty clothes at once.

However… because this method could take as long as 10 hours in cold weather… you’ll need more than one drying rack if you plan on washing a large load of sweatpants every time you do laundry.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Sweatpants?

Sweatpants are made of cotton… polyester… and elastane. Cotton is hydrophilic… which means it absorbs water. Polyester doesn’t absorb water but instead retains the water. Elastane is hydrophobic… which means it repels water. Combined together… the three components create pants that are difficult to dry in a short amount of time.

In general… though synthetic or artificial fabrics will dry faster than cotton.

Cotton and elastane help retain the moisture from sweat during physical activity and prevent the release of water vapor into the air. Polyester prevents evaporation by wicking moisture away from your skin and locking it into your clothes—the opposite of drying!

The amount of time it takes for sweatpants to dry depends on where you live.

When it’s warm and sunny… sweatpants usually dry in two to four hours if you hang them outdoors on a laundry line with a light breeze. If the weather is cool and/or windy… it could take up to 10 hours or more. The air itself can’t do much to speed up drying… but a light breeze will help evaporate the moisture from your clothes and speed up the process.

Timing also depends on whether you hang the sweatpants inside or outside. If you hang them outside… they should be dry within a few hours regardless of the weather conditions as long as it isn’t raining. They may take longer if there is a strong wind blowing against them.

If you hang them indoors near a heater vent… however… the heating system will blow warm air over them… which means the pants won’t dry as quickly as they would outdoors.

Can You Put Sweatpants in the Dryer?

Sweatpants are a handy item of clothing to have due to their comfort and versatility. However… there is one question that many people still ask: Can you put sweatpants in the dryer?

The answer is yes… but with a few conditions. Sweatpants should be washed within certain temperature parameters. They can be washed in a machine at warm water temperatures… but they should never exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius. This is important because excessive heat will warp the fibers in your sweatpants and make them lose their shape over time. You may notice this happening if you wash your sweatpants too often.

Another important factor to consider when washing your sweatpants is the addition of fabric softener or dryer sheets. Fabric softeners coat your clothes with chemicals that reduce static and make laundry smell fresh… but they can also leave behind a residue that will build up over time and discolor your sweatpants.

While it is possible to wash your sweatpants in the dryer… you should avoid doing so every time you do laundry. Over time… putting your sweatpants in the dryer too frequently will cause them to wear out faster than normal. Instead… opt for air-drying whenever possible or only put them in the dryer for 30 minutes at a lower temperature.

But there are some advantages to tossing sweatpants into the dryer… too. For one thing… they’ll have the same great smell they had when you bought them — no need for an extra trip to the dry cleaner. They’ll also be easier to iron because they won’t wrinkle as much as other cotton fabrics do.

But if you want to keep your sweats looking new… we recommend air-drying them on hangers or letting them lay flat on top of the dryer until just before you need them again.

How Do You Dry Nike Sweatpants?

If you’re lucky enough to own a pair of Nike sweatpants… you will want to take care of them correctly to make sure your sweatpants remain in good condition for years to come. There are several ways that you can ensure that your sweatpants stay looking great and keep you comfortable when you wear them.


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Treat the inside of your Nike sweatpants as delicately as the outside of them. In general… it’s best not to put the Nike sweatpants in the dryer.

If you do… make sure that there is nothing else in with them so that they don’t get caught on anything or lose their shape. If you want to dry the pants… lay them flat or hang them up instead of putting them in the dryer.

Drying your Nike sweatpants requires a certain way of drying them. You cannot simply put them in the dryer and expect to have them come out fresh and good as new.

Dry your Nike sweatpants in the sun. The sun’s heat will help kill bacteria and remove stains from the material. When you have sweatpants that have been stained or have gotten dirty… they can be hard to get clean… but the sweatpants will come out looking brand new if you dry them in the sun.

Can You Put Adidas Sweatpants in the Dryer?

You may have heard the rumor that you shouldn’t put your Adidas sweatpants in the dryer. The rumor is true. As with any clothing… putting your sweats in a dryer will reduce their lifespan.

The reason is that most sweatpants are made from cotton or polyester blends and when dried using high heat… shrink slightly and lose their shape. This can lead to them becoming misshapen and requiring constant ironing or re-stretching.


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A great alternative is to hang dry them on a drying rack or outside on a clothesline so they’ll stay wrinkle-free without shrinking and stretching out of shape.

Treat your Adidas sweatpants gently… by hand-washing them and hanging them up to dry. If you live in a place where it is cold and wet… you might get away with putting your sweatpants in the washer on a gentle cycle… but not in the dryer.

As a general rule… always wash your Adidas products by hand and only put these items in the dryer if absolutely necessary.

Washing instructions are included on all new clothing items; read these instructions before washing your new Adidas apparel.

How Do You Dry Sweatpants Without Shrinking Them?

  1. Wash and dry the sweatpants by themselves. When washing your sweatpants… make sure they don’t become entangled with other garments in the washing machine. Don’t wash them with other clothes that might snag or tear at them… such as jeans or towels.
  2. It’s also a good idea to use a gentle cycle when washing the pants and a mild detergent. This will prolong their life and reduce the chances of shrinkage.
  3. Let the air do the heavy lifting. The best way to dry sweatpants without shrinking them is to hang them outside on a line or clothes rack to let Mother Nature do her job.
  4. You can also toss them in the dryer… but this will cause more wear on the fabric over time and may result in some shrinkage or fading of colors over time if you use high heat settings too often.

In summary… so what’s the take-away? If you want to make your sweatpants dry faster… line drying them is likely to be your best bet. It’s fast… it’s easy… and it shouldn’t damage your clothing in any way. But if you want to be absolutely certain that your clothes are completely dry… you may also want to consider a low heat option. Just don’t go much higher than can potentially be dangerous!

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