Why Do I Keep Getting Holes in My Underwear? (Discharge? Mice? How To Fix?)

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Do you have holes in your boxers… briefs… or any other kind of underwear? You’re not alone.

The reason you’re getting holes in your underwear is that you are putting them on every day and taking them off at night. The friction of the fabric rubbing against your skin over time causes the holes.

If you want to prevent your undergarments from ripping and tearing you should wear breathable cotton underwear like Fruit of the Loom boxers… briefs… boxer briefs… or boxer shorts. These breathable cotton undergarments will help reduce irritation caused by constant friction with your skin.

If you already have a hole in your underwear don’t throw it away! You can fix it with a needle and thread or by buying a new elastic band.

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Why Do I Keep Getting Holes in My Underwear?

Underwear that sits next to the skin is susceptible to holes caused by abrasion. Wearing underwear that is too small or tight can cause friction… which leads to holes and tears in delicate fabrics. Make sure your garments fit comfortably but snugly enough so they don’t shift around while moving; otherwise… they can rub up against your legs and cause damage.


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Holes in your underwear can be really annoying. More often than not… they’re caused by bacteria… but sometimes it’s just wear and tear. Here are some of the most common causes:

Bleach. The most common cause of holes in your underwear is the use of bleach to whiten your clothes. Bleach dissolves fibers and damages elastic… so over time… it will weaken them to the point of breaking. It doesn’t take much bleach to cause damage — using too much laundry detergent that contains bleach can also cause holes in your underwear.

Bacteria. The most common cause of holes in pants… underwear… and other clothes is bacteria. These microbes can be left behind by people who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. They can also get onto your clothes from urine or fecal matter that gets on your hands and then on the clothing.

You might have a problem with bacteria if you notice that the holes are only in the crotch area of your underwear. This is where most people have sweat glands and where staph infections — which are caused by bacteria — are most likely to occur.

Dryer damage. If you have a top-loading washer… putting too many clothes in the drum at one time can cause them to snag or tear as they tangle around each other. A load with too many sheets or towels can create similar problems when you use a front-loading washing machine.

Both types of machines can snag your clothes if they’re overloaded or made of a certain type of fabric… such as those made with rough cotton or wool.

Thin Material. Another reason why your underwear gets holes in them is that the fabric used to make them is very thin and can easily rip or tear.

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Why Does My Discharge Leave Holes in My Underwear?

What causes holes in the crotch area of underwear? The natural state of a healthy human vagina is relatively acidic. The reason the crotches of women’s panties can develop holes is from exposure to those naturally acidic secretions. In addition… many women experience discharge during menstruation.

Discharge is basically a defense mechanism that the body uses to try and counteract the increased acidity levels inside the body. The discharge will also typically have an odor… caused by trace amounts of bacteria that are normally present in these areas.

Women’s panties are made with different materials depending on whether they are designed for day wear or evening wear. With evening wear… you typically have smoother fabrics such as silk which are more delicate in nature. With daily wear… you may find cotton blends to be more popular with consumers.

Silk panties tend to be the most prone to developing holes in their crotches because they lack the strength of most other panty fabrics.

The problem with silk is that it tends to be more tightly woven than other fabrics and therefore it can be more susceptible to small tears and rips when subjected to friction and pressure from underneath garments such as jeans and tights.

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Why does my underwear leave holes after I’ve had bowel movements?

The holes you experience in your underwear are not actually due to the feces leaving your body. It is caused by an air bubble getting trapped in between the feces and the fabric of your underwear. When you stand up… this air bubble pushes against the feces… which results in holes in your underwear.

Sometimes… if there is enough air trapped in your underwear… it will make a “popping” noise when you stand up. The sound may scare you… but it is just the same as when someone lets go of a big burp! The reason why this happens has to do with the speed at which things travel through your large intestine.

Since there is not much friction in the large intestine… solid waste travels at a relatively quick pace through this part of your digestive system. This causes an air bubble to be left behind and pushed against your feces due to inertia.

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Can Mice Eat Underwear?

Can mice eat underwear? Yes… mice can eat underwear and they love the feeling of warm human clothing on their skin. Mice are scavengers and they eat anything they can get their paws on. They will devour shoes… hats… gloves… undergarments… and even pictures. Mice are known to chew holes through clothing even if there is nothing to eat.

Mice love the material that makes up most of your underwear. It’s soft… warm… and smells like you. Most people wear clean clothes every day so the smell is still fresh.

Not only do mice look for food in your drawers but they also look for a safe place to make a home. A pair of new socks or underwear make a cozy mouse nest. Mice will burrow through the fabric looking for a good spot to build a nest.

This is why it’s important to put clothing in airtight containers when you put it away at night. It may sound crazy but mice will even pull on the elastic waistbands of your underwear until it snaps off!

So… Mice can eat underwear. However… they won’t eat your underwear unless there is a natural food shortage in the area. If you are seeing holes in your clothing… it’s most likely due to rodents destroying your clothing and not due to them being hungry.

The most common reason that mice destroy clothing is for nesting material. They will also shred it if they have young hiding in their nests.

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Should You Throw Away Underwear with Holes?

The truth is… your underwear will probably be just fine to reuse for a little while longer. But if you have the option… it’s best to replace them when you see the first signs of wear and tear.

Torn underwear can start to scratch and irritate your skin… which can cause redness. The elasticity in your underwear will also begin to wear out over time… making them less comfortable and more likely to ride up when you’re wearing them.

Since underwear is so close to your skin… it’s important that they’re not harboring bacteria or fungi that could make you sick. The best way to avoid this is to change out your underwear once you notice holes. This might seem a little excessive… but there are plenty of reasons why you should keep fresh undies on hand.

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Why Do Underwear Rip?

Is it normal for underwear to rip? Concerned about your ripped underwear? Underwear is made of many different materials… but the most common underwear materials that may rip include cotton… nylon… and spandex.

Tearing or ripping your underwear is a common occurrence. Many people have had the experience of putting on new underwear only to discover after a few hours that they have holes in them.

It is not just young boys who get holes in their underwear. Even adults can experience this phenomenon. The following are some reasons why you may be getting holes in your underwear:

Crotch Ripping

Crotch ripping occurs when the seams of your underwear are not properly reinforced. As a result… the crotch area becomes weak and susceptible to tearing. This is often seen in cheaper brands of men’s undergarments as well as split shorts worn by men who have a habit of sitting with their legs spread apart.

There is a very simple way to prevent crotch ripping from occurring with your underwear.

  1. First… buy quality undergarments that are made out of sturdy material such as cotton knits or stretchy synthetic fabrics such as Lycra and Spandex.
  2. Second… make sure that the stitching at the crotch area does not contain any gaps or holes which could cause further ripping.

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How Do You Fix Ripped Underwear?

Ripped underwear is a common problem that almost everyone gets at some point. The best way to fix your ripped underwear is to mend them. Mending will help prevent further ripping.

Tearing out your favorite pair of underpants is extremely upsetting. It can be very expensive to replace your underwear if you have to do it often. It is important to re-stitch the particular area that has ripped… so that you can continue to wear the same pair of underwear… or so that you don’t have to replace them altogether.

There are two different methods by which you can mend your ripped underwear. There is the temporary stitch method and the permanent stitch method. Both methods will allow you to continue wearing the same pair of underwear and can save you money in replacement costs.

It’s important that you mend your ripped underwear as soon as possible because they will only rip more with time and continuous use. If you wait too long… then there will not be enough fabric left on the crotch area of your underwear to make it worth repairing.

  1. The first thing that you should do when fixing broken or ripped clothing is clean off any dirt or dust on the affected area with a damp cloth or sponge. You want to make sure that it’s as clean as possible before repairing it.
  2. Tear the fabric away from the hole as much as possible without cutting any more of the fabric. Take some clear nail polish and apply a small amount to the hole where the fabric tore away from the underwear. Let it dry before wearing them again.
  3. Sometimes this works… but often it doesn’t. If your underwear is made from nylon… silk… or other fabrics that don’t unravel easily… then this method might work for you. However… if your panties are made out of cotton or another fabric that tends to unravel… then this method probably won’t work for you.
  4. If you want to try and repair your own ripped underwear… then make sure you remove all of the loose threads and then cut off any excess material beyond the hole so that the hole doesn’t get bigger than it needs to be. Next… attempt to sew the edges together with matching thread.

In summary… there is a slew of reasons why your underwear may be developing holes… ranging in severity from the nearly no big deal to the sort of thing you should probably see a doctor about. On one end… there are the things that happen with your body that cause small holes… like sweat and discharge.

On the other end are holes caused by critters or dry rot. In any case… don’t just throw out your underwear with holes—you may be able to repair it yourself… and then reuse it until it’s too damaged for further use.

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