Why Do Female Runners Wear Briefs? (Bun Huggers)

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Female runners wear briefs to prevent chafing and to provide support during their runs. Briefs are designed to fit snugly against the body, reducing the risk of irritation and allowing for a greater range of motion. They also wick away moisture and sweat, keeping runners dry and comfortable.

Briefs are perfect for a variety of sports and activities… including running… biking… skating… and swimming. Athletes of both sexes have worn briefs for many decades. Briefs are considered by most athletes and exercise enthusiasts to be the best style of underwear for sports. But in running the term can also be used for outerwear as well.

The main reason for this is that briefs do not ride up like boxers or “bikini” style panties. As you run… jump… stretch and bend… you want your underwear to stay put and not ride up into uncomfortable positions.

If you are a female runner… you might wonder why most of your running peers wear briefs when they exercise. Well… the answer is quite simple.

Tight-fitting clothing that is made from moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester and spandex are the best garments for runners who want to stay dry during their workout and prevent chafing during a long run.

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Why Do Female Runners Wear Briefs?

These special clothes are referred to as “briefs”… “knickers”… “tights” or “bun huggers.” But what are briefs? Briefs are tight-fitting pants… which are specifically intended for women runners. This type of clothing has been developed from ordinary panties… with two major differences: briefs are made from a special breathable material… and they tend to be shaped like shorts.

Runderwear Women's Briefs - Chafe-Free Running Underwear (Black... L (US 8-10))

A brief is a short… snug-fitting pair of underwear that acts as a base layer. Female runners wear briefs to provide support and comfort while running. Typical running apparel includes a pair of shorts… a sports bra… and a tight-fitting pair of briefs.

Briefs provide a snug fit in order to prevent the chafing of skin-on-skin contact as well as additional support for the upper portion of the body such as the waist… hips… and thighs. Runners have traditionally chosen to wear briefs over other styles of underwear because they offer greater support and comfort.

A brief’s primary purpose is to be form-fitting and functional. Most often made from spandex… briefs help eliminate any bunching and chafing from the waistline down to the thighs. Briefs are available in various lengths and styles with some crotch styles offering extra padding for added comfort.

Briefs have a very streamlined appearance… which makes them particularly attractive to female runners. However… they are not only attractive but also functional. They provide better protection against the effect of wind and cold than ordinary panties do.

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Why Do Female Runners Wear Bun Huggers?

People have a lot of opinions about female runners and their fashion choices. We’ve heard complaints about the tutus… the spandex… and the neon colors… but perhaps the most controversial trend is that of the “bun hugger.” These are shorts whose waistband is so wide it covers your entire butt… leaving only your thighs uncovered.

Tons of women wear these shorts and will tell you they are actually pretty comfy (who are we to argue with that?). But some people see them as a little too risque for the public streets. With all this debate going on… we decided to ask one very important question: Why do female runners wear bun huggers?

Running in bun huggers gives you the freedom to move without feeling restricted in your clothing… especially if you are running or doing other activities that require constant movement or flexing of muscles… such as yoga or playing sports.

The fabric that these shorts are made of is not only extremely comfortable but is also very lightweight… allowing for a comfortable fit even on those hot summer days.

Another benefit to wearing briefs during workouts is sweat control. Sweaty thighs and butt are not very attractive during a long run or other types of exercises that require a lot of sweating. Wearing briefs also helps to prevent chafing between your legs.

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What Is a Bun Hugger?

Most women runners wear running shorts because they are very comfortable and allow them to breathe and help keep their thighs from rubbing together. But some ladies wear shorts that are so short they make your head spin. One style of shorts that is particularly popular amongst female runners is the “Bun Hugger shorts”.

As you can see from the following photo they get their name from hugging your bottom. Therefore bun huggings are a style of running briefs that hold or cling tight to your buns.

ASICS Women's Chaser Brief... Navy/White... Medium

The original bun hugger… sometimes called “bunny shorts,” were designed by female cyclists who needed something comfortable to wear under their performance spandex shorts. After all… tight bike shorts can be very uncomfortable if you have sensitive skin or have just shaved your legs.

But with the new athletic fashion trend toward minimal coverage bottoms for women… bun huggers are now popular with runners and other athletes as well as those who like the fashionable look of wearing underwear as outerwear.

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Why Do Runners Wear Knickers?

Technically… knickers are not even pants. They are shorts that look like pants but they are actually underwear. The word knicker is derived from the German word “knickerbockers.” So really… if you ever wondered why runners wear knickers… it’s because they’re wearing their underwear on the outside!

But Why?

  1. For starters… they’re comfortable. Who doesn’t love the feeling of wind flowing over their legs as they run?
  2. The best part of running in knickers may be the psychological boost you get from wearing something different from the norm.
  3. A pair of breezy knickers can help keep you focused on a run… which is especially handy for runners who get distracted easily.

Why do female runners wear so little? The answer is that like most women’s running clothes… running briefs… and spandex shorts are designed with aerodynamics in mind. It is thought that the closer a runner’s clothing is to the skin… the less wind drag she will experience when running at speed.

Briefs also have an antibacterial effect because they are close to the skin. This can help prevent fungal infections… which are more common in women who run often. In addition to this… they can also be worn as compression shorts under other garments to provide muscle support and keep muscles warm during competitions or sports activities.

In summary… You don’t have to be a runner or even a sports buff to know that women athletes wear very little clothing. Female runners wear scanty outfits… usually spandex tights… with brief-type shorts over them. The outfits are designed to provide freedom of movement and comfort for the athletes.

While many people find this style of feminine attire quite provocative… comfort and performance are key issues for female athletes in all sports. Running in tight-fitting clothes is more comfortable than wearing loose pants or skirts because it helps prevent chafing and blisters.

Female runners may take some ribbing for their choice of workout wear… but male runners also look funny in their tight running shorts and T-shirts as they pound the pavement up and down neighborhood streets or on running tracks… or around stadiums and parks during training sessions or competitions.

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