Do Guys Still Wear Briefs? (Are Briefs Making a Comeback?)

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The brief is the quintessential men’s underwear type for the simple reason that it offers the most support and is thus ideal for men who engage in physical activities. They have also been popular with many other groups… including athletes… soldiers… actors… and politicians.

Though briefs are still quite popular… they are not as ubiquitous as they once were. In fact… they have been gradually on the decline since the 1980s. This is at least partially due to a growing trend towards wearing boxer shorts instead of briefs.

Briefs don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon… but they may no longer be so ubiquitous in years to come.

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Do Guys Still Wear Briefs?

Briefs have been a mainstay of men’s underwear for decades… but with the rise of trunk and boxer styles… briefs are quickly losing their footing. Long gone are the days when men wore briefs because women liked them. Now that women are in control of the underwear department… most guys wear whatever style they like and briefs are just not their thing.


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Tighty whities have long been criticized for being tight and uncomfortable… but it doesn’t look like they’ll be going away anytime soon.

For many guys… comfort is what keeps them loyal to briefs over boxer shorts. Boxer opponents argue that briefs restrict circulation and cause chafing while boxers allow you to “breathe.” Some men have even taken to wearing both boxers AND briefs in order to get the benefits of both styles.

Men wear briefs for the same reason women wear bras—because it provides support! Briefs are made of stretchy material that hugs your body and helps hold everything in place. This is especially important if you play sports or work out. Also… briefs provide a sleek look under clothing.

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How Many Guys Wear Briefs?

When it comes to men’s underwear… there are plenty of choices. Boxers… briefs… trunks… you name it. But when it comes to men’s underwear… the old question still remains: Do guys still wear briefs?

The are various surveys floating about with briefs ranking high as preferred underwear by men. Depending to the survey it is anywhere between 42% and 57% of men still wear briefs.

Some men wear briefs simply because that’s what they were brought up with. Some consider them more comfortable than boxers… while others find them easier to keep clean and more durable. A small number of women also prefer briefs for aesthetic reasons.

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Are Briefs Making a Comeback?

While briefs are not as popular as they once were they never really went away and with approximately 50% of men preferring to wear briefs they are most certainly making a comeback.

Briefs can be more comfortable than boxers or boxer briefs because they don’t usually have an elastic band around the leg openings. This can make them feel more like regular underwear. But they also tend to ride up more than boxers… making them less concealable.

Boxer briefs are more of a hybrid between boxers and briefs. They’re tight like boxers but have a wider waistband like briefs and come in different varieties — some have full back coverage while others feature less coverage in the back.

Boxer briefs may help reduce wedgies… but they don’t offer as much support as briefs… so they’re not as good at keeping everything in place if you’re active. They do… however… provide a lot of comfort.

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Are White Briefs Coming Back?

Tighty whities have been the standard for American men for decades. In recent years… briefs have made a comeback as more men look for comfort… convenience… and style. Brands like N2N and Calvin Klein Underwear have introduced new products in a range of cuts and fabrics that appeal to both younger and older consumers seeking a more fashion-forward fit.


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Many men are choosing briefs over boxers because of their comfort and convenience. Briefs are easier to get on and off… which is helpful for busy people who don’t have time to spend struggling with loose-fitting boxers or pants. They are also easier to wash because no one wants to do laundry any more than they have to.

Briefs also make a great foundation layer when worn under other clothing items such as athletic shorts or swim trunks. The inner brief protects against chafing from outer clothing layers and many brands offer brief models made with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps men dry.

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When Did Briefs Go Out of Style?

Briefs are one of the most popular men’s underwear styles and a classic favorite. The rise and popularity of briefs can be traced back to the 1930s when Jockey International introduced the first brief. The original Jockey brand brief was designed to provide more coverage than a traditional boxer brief.

Tighty-whities… as they have sometimes been called… is said to have originated with the U.S. military… which was looking for a more compact form of underwear for pilots in World War II.

They became hugely popular in the 1950s and 1960s when skintight blue jeans became fashionable… and many men preferred to wear briefs rather than risk being seen in tighty-whities.

The popularity of briefs then declined after the 1980s as men’s fashion loosened up a bit and boxers became more popular again. But today… briefs have reemerged as a stylish option and are favored by both younger and older men who like their comfort and their coverage.

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Are Tighty Whities Popular?

White briefs have been the butt of jokes for decades… but there’s still an entire industry built around this basic underwear style. In fact… more than $2 billion worth of these garments are sold every year. Is it possible that men actually like wearing tighty whities?

Tighty whities are the classic boxer shorts style that most Americans wear. They’re made of 100 percent cotton… which is comfortable and breathable on long days. The pouch in front keeps everything comfortably in place… and a fly gives you easy access when nature calls.

Top brands like Hanes… Fruit of the Loom… Bali and Jockey sell hundreds of millions of pairs every year. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors to suit your preferences and wardrobe choices.

These underwear are so popular that some people think they must be old-fashioned or out-of-date. However… you can find tights at major retailers including Target and Walmart. They cost about as much as other types of underwear and can save you money by reducing laundry expenses over time.

So why do so many men still prefer Tighty Whities over other underwear styles? There are several reasons:

  1. Cost – Tighty Whities are probably the cheapest option. Boxer underwear can cost twice as much as Tighty Whities and Briefs generally cost more than both.
  2. Tighty Whities were first introduced in the 1930s and they have been popular ever since. They’re considered “traditional” underwear because they’re similar to what our fathers and grandfathers wore.
  3. Comfort – Tighty Whities are very comfortable and don’t ride up or pinch like other types of underwear might.
  4. Convenience – They’re easy to put on and take off… especially for people with disabilities or older folks with limited mobility.

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Why Do Men Not Wear Briefs?

The main reason for this is that they feel more comfortable and fit more snugly. This is because they are made from a looser weave fabric than regular briefs and so have to be made with less elastic material to hold them up – a factor that is particularly important for people who exercise regularly.

  1. Boxer Briefs Are More Comfortable: Plain and simple… men find boxer briefs more comfortable than briefs. Even though briefs cover the entire buttocks… boxer briefs allow for some air to flow through. They also have more room in the front… which allows for extra comfort.
  2. Boxer Briefs Give You More Room: Boxer briefs have an extra panel that stretches over the front of your waistline. If you are lifting weights or working out… this extra panel gives you more room for your muscles to expand without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.
  3. Boxer Briefs Give You a Fuller Look: Men don’t want to look like they have a flat butt; they want to make sure they look nice and full with their garments on. Boxer briefs do just that by giving the buttocks area more room and not being so tight around the lower half of your body.

Boxer briefs are the best of both worlds. They offer all the benefits of boxers (great support and ventilation) with the more traditional look of a brief.

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Why Are Briefs Uncool?

I think the popularity of boxer briefs came in when they started to be advertised to women. They’re darn good-looking underwear… they don’t have the “junk” hanging out and they can really finish off a suit or outfit with their sleek design.

But what really pushed briefs out of the spotlight was the way briefs were being presented in the media. At one point… it felt like every single athlete was wearing boxers/boxer briefs and the norm for everyone else was briefs.

It wasn’t until years later that advertisers realized how wrong that was and started to feature more men wearing briefs again.

In the past… briefs were perceived as underwear for older men… but we think that’s changing. Briefs are comfortable and practical. We love them because they make us look good in clothes… and they’re often more comfortable than boxers.

Perhaps associating this style with what your Dad wears makes them uncool.

In summary… men’s underwear falls into two camps: briefs and boxers. Briefs consist of a tight-fitting… form-fitting pouch that supports the genitals and butt… while also staying put underneath one’s pants. Boxers on the other hand are loose-fitting… with an elastic band at the top to keep them on one’s legs.

Boxers were once considered more masculine than briefs because their looser fit allowed for greater freedom of movement (e.g.. horseback riding). They were seen as more practical for men whose jobs required manual labor… such as carpenters or plumbers.

Boxer shorts also came into fashion during World War I due to military regulations – soldiers wanted to be able to move freely without being restricted by tight clothing like they would have been in briefs under their uniforms.

Briefs are still the underwear of choice for most men… but their popularity has been in decline for years. The biggest reason for this is that briefs tend to be uncomfortable. The tight waistband can cut into the skin and cause rashes… or chafing when you sweat. Briefs also ride up a lot which can be quite annoying.

Because of these reasons… briefs are often worn only for special occasions like weddings and parties. Otherwise… many people prefer boxers or boxer briefs instead because they’re more comfortable and cooler to wear.

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