Do Chinos Have a Crease? (How Do You Iron a Crease in Chinos?)

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Chino pants can come in all sorts of designs. Some may have pleats and no visible crease while others may come with visible lines which indicate that you should press them into place. Chinos are a type of pants made from cotton that have a flat front and straight legs.

The flat front of chinos is designed without a crease down the center and can either be left as such or ironed for those who like to dress formally.


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Just because they don’t have creases doesn’t mean they don’t look good or can’t be dressed up for formal occasions. It’s just that straight-legged pants that fall at mid-calf are not only more comfortable but also look better when worn without a visible crease.

Do Chinos Have a Crease?

According to menswear experts… there should be no creases in regular chinos. Creases are usually added to pants during the manufacturing process so they look pressed and neat when worn. Since chinos tend to be more casual pants… they aren’t necessarily designed with creases so you don’t have to worry about them being ruined by an ironing accident.

Creases can make your pants appear unprofessional and sloppy… especially if you’re trying to impress someone at work or out on a date.

Chinos come in a variety of different shapes and styles. The most common type of chinos (and the kind you should be looking for) are regular chinos. The relaxed-fit style (also known as straight-leg) is the best option for both business and casual wear.

Trouser-shaped chinos… on the other hand… are designed to be worn at or near your waist with a belt. However… the shape can often look a little too stiff for business casual settings.

Slim-fit chinos are also available in an assortment of colors… patterns… and styles that can work well for casual offices. However… these tend to be more of a fashion choice than anything else.

When it comes to chinos… you’ll find that there aren’t creases per se – but they’re not completely absent either. On most pairs of regular chinos… creases will appear naturally after you’ve worn them a few times due to natural bending. Because of this… it’s not necessary to create any additional creases by ironing them in.

A lot of people like their chinos to have more structure – which can be achieved by using an iron and pressing down on the front part of the leg right above the knee

How Do You Iron a Crease in Chinos?

There are various ways of ironing your chinos but the most common method is with a steam iron. This is the easiest way to get that crisp look you want with chinos.

There are mainly two types of pants creases: the first is the trouser-crease and the second is the reverse-trouser-crease.

  1. The trouser-crease is best done by setting your iron on its highest heat setting and then pressing on the outside of the pants just inside where you want the crease to be.  You will have to keep doing this until you see a visible crease forming. Once you have achieved this… put some clothes pegs on your pants for about five minutes to fix them in place.
  2. The reverse-trouser-crease can be made with a bit more ease by tucking in both the front and back of your pants before ironing them. You should use a lower heat setting for this one as well as turn your pants inside out before ironing them on a low heat setting using a standard ironing board or an ironing mat.

Chinos… especially the lighter and more casual ones… can be tricky to iron though because they’re so light. With this in mind… you need to be careful not to overdo it with the iron… or else you’ll end up melting your trousers rather than getting that great crease.

Where Do You Put the Creases in Pants?

The best place to put a crease in your chinos is about two inches above the knee with a sharp iron. Fold your pants over so that the leg is flat on the ironing board.

Then fold it again so that the cuff is just off the edge of the table. Smooth out any wrinkles with your hands and then press firmly down through one layer of material with an iron at a medium setting until you see an indentation set into the fabric. If you don’t see it set into the fabric within 40 seconds… remove the iron and try again in another spot.

How Do You Stop Chinos from Creasing?

The reason chinos crease is because of the material. Chino fabric is a cotton/polyester blend that is more prone to wrinkling than other fabrics such as jeans or dress pants. To minimize the number of creases in your chinos… follow these steps:

  1. Your chinos will wrinkle less if you wash them in cold or warm water instead of hot water. Hot water tends to cause more wrinkling than cold or warm water.
  2. In addition… you should hang dry your chinos rather than using a dryer when they come out of the washing machine. The heat from the dryer will only make the wrinkles worse.
  3. Roll them up instead of folding them. Rolling them up will create less friction and prevent wrinkles as opposed to folding which can cause creases to appear.
  4. Use an iron on low heat with steam to remove wrinkles.
  5. Use a water spray bottle filled with water as opposed to steam from a traditional iron (it avoids ironing board marks).

Does Chino Fabric Wrinkle?

There are many different styles of chinos on the market today… so it will be important to find the ones that do not wrinkle easily. However… these pants are made from cotton and cotton tends to wrinkle fairly easily.

Therefore… it is important to find a pair of chinos that have been treated with a special treatment so that it does not wrinkle easily. Many companies have created their own special treatment for keeping their pants wrinkle-free.


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Treat chino fabric as you would treat any other fabric – wash it in cold water and dry it in the dryer or hang dry it. It’s easy to care for and it’s great for a variety of different occasions… including business settings where you want to look professional but you don’t want to wear a suit or sports coat.

The secret to keeping chino fabrics from wrinkling is to make sure that they are completely dry before storing them. Hanging them up on hangers will keep them from getting wrinkled in your closet. Or… if you prefer… you can lay your pants out flat on top of your dresser and they’ll stay smooth while they’re in storage.

In summary… in their natural state… flat-front chinos don’t really have much of a crease in them at all. But with a few simple steps… you can add a pressed crease to your pants… ensuring that they look crisp and clean all day long.

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