10 Clothing Brands With a Monkey Logo

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Clothing brands with a monkey logo include popular brands such as Paul Frank, A Bathing Ape, and Monkey Business. These brands feature playful and stylish designs, often incorporating the monkey as a recognizable symbol. To find clothing items from these brands, explore their online stores or retailers that carry their products.

If you are interested in discovering clothing brands that have a monkey as their logo then there following 10 options are well worth checking out. While a monkey has various symbolic meanings I think when it comes to clothing brands it represents something a little cheeky… playful… tough… or irreverent.

So let’s take a look at the various apparel companies that have a monkey as their logo:

A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape A Bathing Ape is a Japanese fashion brand known for its bold… colorful prints and distinct logo. The company’s name is a play on the phrase “a bathing ape in lukewarm water,” meaning to take a bath without getting overly warm.

When BAPE first started making clothes… they were primarily marketed toward the hip-hop community in Japan. However… over time their audience expanded to include people from all walks of life… including celebrities like Kanye West.

Their popularity grew even more when they started selling limited-edition items like sneakers and jackets that were only available for purchase at specific locations around the world—for example… only one pair of sneakers would be sold at each store in Japan!

Ben Davis Clothing

Ben Davis Clothing Ben Davis is known for their tough clothing line. Even if you don’t have a pair of these slacks yourself… you’ve probably seen them on someone else—and chances are they were looking great!

Ben Davis is an instantly recognizable American classic clothing line that continues to make high-quality garments at accessible prices. The monkey stands for the idea that Ben Davis clothes can take whatever life throws at them—and keep on smiling.

Bobby Jack

Bobby Jack – Bobby Jack is a lifestyle apparel brand. They feature a little bad monkey named Bobby Jack.

What’s so special about him? Well… he’s not just any monkey—he’s an “alternative” lifestyle icon that has been featured on everything from t-shirts to hoodies to baseball caps. He wears sunglasses and is always rocking the latest in hipster fashion.

Bobby Jack is the company’s mascot… but he isn’t just an adorable cartoon character—he represents something more than just the company name: he represents freedom… rebellion… and individuality.

Curious George Clothing

Curious George Curious George Clothing is a brand that’s been around for decades… and it’s easy to see why. They have a simple monkey logo that’s fun… whimsical… and easy to remember.

The Curious George books are about an inquisitive little monkey named George who gets into trouble while exploring the world around him. The stories are funny… sweet… and relatable—even today! Curious George has always been a favorite among kids and adults alike.

The Curious George clothing line features everything from shirts with the Curious George logo on them to bags with his face printed on them. If you’re looking for an affordable way to show off your love of this classic children’s character… then Curious George Clothing is definitely worth checking out!

DrunknMunky Clothing

DrunknMunky – DrunknMunky Clothing is a streetwear brand that represents the spirit of independence. The company’s logo is a monkey… and it has a very interesting meaning.

The company’s name comes from the founder’s nickname… “Drunken Monkey.” He got the nickname after he went out drinking with his friends one night and got drunk. His friends started calling him “Drunken Monkey” because of all the crazy things he did while drunk.

After that night… he decided to start his own clothing line that would represent who he was: an independent person who loves to have fun and doesn’t mind getting dirty in order to do so. And so DrunknMunky Clothing was born!

DrunknMunky clothing focuses on streetwear designs that are both stylish and functional—you can wear them anywhere! They include graphic t-shirts with cool prints or slogans on them; hoodies with bright colors; sweatpants with cool patterns; sneakers with unique designs; and hats with embroidered patches on them.

Happy Monkey Baby Company

Happy Monkey Baby Company A baby is a bundle of joy… and that’s what Happy Monkey Baby Company is all about. The company keeps it simple: they offer a selection of fun… colorful baby apparel to make your little one look like the happiest monkey in the jungle.

They have a variety of styles… including onesies… t-shirts… bodysuits… dresses… rompers… jumpsuits… swimwear… and more! The monkey represents the company’s commitment to providing children with an enriching and creative play experience from birth onward.

Paul Frank Clothing

Paul Frank – Paul Frank is known for being a designer who creates fun… quirky… and stylish products. The Paul Frank logo… which features a monkey named Julius… is one of the most iconic logos in the world. But what does this little monkey mean?

Julius was created by Paul Frank as a mascot for his brand and he has been appearing on all of their products ever since. Julius can be found on everything from clothes to bags and even home decor items like pillows and blankets! One thing that you will notice about Julius is that he has different colors depending on where you see him.

This is because there are many different interpretations of what he represents. Some people think that Julius represents freedom while others think that he represents adventure or just having fun in general!

SSUR Streetwear

SSUR SSUR is a streetwear clothing label that prides itself on being an alternative to the traditional fashion industry.

But what does the logo actually mean? If you look closely… it appears as if the letters in “Russ” are backward when you read them from left to right. This could be a nod to its Russian origin—the founder’s name is Ruslan Vasin—but it’s also possible that it’s just a fun way for him to implement his initials into his company’s identity.

Urban Monkey

Urban Monkey – Urban Monkey is a streetwear brand that designs clothing for men and women who want to look good and feel good about themselves.

The monkey is a symbol of new beginnings… energy… and positivity. It represents intelligence and resourcefulness and can help you to get through tough times.

The Urban Monkey brand is known for its New Age Indian Streetwear. They are inspired by the street culture of India… but their designs are modern and chic.


X-Large X-Large is a pioneer of Los Angeles streetwear culture… and its logo features a monkey. The “X” stands for the number of times larger than normal that their clothes are cut… so you can get more wear out of them. In addition to clothing… they also sell accessories like hats and shoes.

The monkey logo is an extension of their brand identity: it signifies their witty spirit and jokester attitude. X-Large quickly became known as a leader in the surf and skateboarding communities. The brand also has a strong presence in the hip-hop community… with many artists wearing X-Large clothing to events and even referencing them in songs.

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