11 Clothing Brands With Fox Logo

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Clothing brands with a fox logo include popular brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Fox Racing, and Fred Perry. These brands feature stylish and recognizable designs, often incorporating the fox as a symbol of wit and agility. To find clothing items from these brands, explore their online stores or retailers that carry their products.

The fox is a symbol of cunning… grace… and the ability to survive. It’s also one of the most common animals in heraldry. That’s why so many clothing companies use foxes as their logos—the animal represents a kind of strength or power that can be used for good or evil.

So let’s explore some excellent clothing brands that display the fox logo as part of their branding:

1. Fjällräven

FjällrävenFjällräven is a good clothing company because they make outdoor gear that’s not only functional but also stylish. Their products are made of durable materials that can take the abuse of an active lifestyle. And their designs are sleek and sophisticated enough to wear around town… too!

The fox logo stands for craftsmanship… quality… and passion for the environment. The animal is also a symbol of nordic nature… which connects Fjällräven’s products to their roots in Scandinavian countries.

2. Fox and Owl Wholesale

Fox and Owl Wholesale – The Fox and Owl Wholesale clothing brand is a faith-based apparel company that uses the fox as its logo. Fittingly… the fox is known for its intelligence… cunning… and resourcefulness. The company’s mission is to uplift its customers by helping them to become more resourceful in all areas of life—personally… financially… and spiritually.

Fox and Owl Wholesale is a good clothing company because it has a large variety of clothing for men… women… and children. The clothes are not only comfortable but also fashionable. They offer everything from t-shirts to dresses and jeans. Their prices are reasonable as well.

3. Fox Originals

Fox Originals Fox Originals is a good clothing company because it has a wide range of products… from the classic to the cutting edge. They supply merchandise… workwear… and city branding… and create original designs on quality clothing. The fox in the logo is a reference to their brand name.

The fox is the logo of Fox Originals and it represents the craftsmanship of the items that are sold by this company. The fox is known for being wily and clever—qualities which are also found in Fox Originals’ products.

4. Fox Racing Sportswear

Fox Racing SportswearThe fox in the Fox Racing Sportswear logo represents a lot of things. It represents the wild… untamed spirit of the outdoors… but it also represents intelligence and cunning. The fox is an animal that survives by adapting to its environment—so it’s no surprise that this clothing brand has been able to stay relevant for so long.

They’re known for their motorcycle gear and other sporty apparel… but they also have a lot of casual wear that’s just as cool. And even though it’s not really about their logo… the fox on it is definitely one of the reasons why I think they’re so cool.

5. Foxo Clothing

Foxo ClothingFoxo Clothing is a clothing company that specializes in men’s activewear. Foxo Clothing offers a wide range of clothing… from t-shirts to jackets… hoodies… and more.

The meaning of the fox in the Foxo Clothing logo is that it represents agility and cunning. The company wants to convey that their clothes are made for active men who are quick on their feet. This is why foxes are so popular in sports logos and mascots because they’re fast and agile.

6. Maison Kitsune

Maison Kitsune If you’re looking for a good clothing company… Maison Kitsune is the one to choose from. They’re a fashion label and music label that produces high-quality clothing.

The fox is a symbol of cunning and intelligence… which are two things that are very important for anyone who wants to be a successful clothing designer. The fox is also a symbol of prosperity and wealth… so it’s no wonder that Maison Kitsune has become one of the most successful clothing brands in fashion history!

The fox in their logo also represents freedom and independence; something that every person needs when they’re designing clothes.

7. Running Fox

Running Fox Running Fox is a good clothing company because it’s a sportswear brand that skilfully mixes activewear elements with urban style. The meaning of the fox in the Running Fox logo is that it represents speed… agility… and a desire to win—all traits that are important for runners.

They’re not just trying to make you look good by wearing their clothes; they want you to feel good… too. Their designs are comfortable… durable… and more than just fashion statements—they’re part of your lifestyle and identity.

8. Wolsey Clothing

Wolsey ClothingWolsey Clothing is a British menswear brand and it is the oldest menswear brand in the country. When it comes to the fox in the log… Foxes are sly… intelligent animals who are also very resourceful—just like the men who wear Wolsey clothing. Wolsey’s clothing helps men feel powerful and assertive… which makes them more attractive to women.

9. FoxTrot Outerwear

FoxTrot Outerwear – FoxTrot Outerwear is a good clothing company because of its focus on quality… durability… and versatility.

FoxTrot is a brand of tactical outerwear that’s made for hunting… fishing… camping… and recreational outdoor activities. Their clothing is designed to be durable and practical—their jackets are made from high-quality materials that are designed to hold up in the wild… but they’re also stylish enough that you can wear them around town too.

The fox in their logo represents their commitment to quality and durability—they want you to feel confident that when you buy one of their products… it will last for years.

10. Greyson Clothiers

Greyson Clothiers – If you are looking for a golf brand with a fox logo look no further than this company. Greyson Clothiers is a good clothing company because they make high-performance men’s… women and youth golf… lifestyle… and activewear apparel built from technical fabrics.

The meaning of the fox in the Greyson Clothiers logo is that they are smart animals who can be cunning. They are also playful… kind… and playful. Greyson Clothiers has these qualities as well.

They have a lot of different products for people to choose from so everyone can look good when going out on the golf course or just hanging out with family and friends.

They also have colors for all skin types which means everyone will be able to find something that fits their body type perfectly! Also see: Dhgate Reviews

11. Silver Fox Golf Company

Silver Fox Golf CoThe Silver Fox Golf Company is named after the founder’s father – the silver fox… so the logo is based on that nickname. It is a symbol of wisdom… experience… and knowledge.

Silver Fox Golf Co.’s mission is to provide quality products at affordable prices for all golfers… regardless of skill level or gender.

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