5 Clothing Brands With A Lion Logo

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Clothing brands with a lion logo include popular brands such as Versace, Brooks Brothers, and Lacoste. These brands feature stylish and recognizable designs, often incorporating the lion as a symbol of strength and elegance. To find clothing items from these brands, explore their online stores or retailers that carry their products.

The lion has always been associated with strength and courage because they are powerful animals that are able to defend themselves when they need to do so. They’re also very adaptable creatures which makes them great hunters who can survive in almost any environment.

They’re also intelligent enough to hunt down prey without getting injured themselves by doing so! Because these qualities are so well-known about lions (and other big cats)… people have often chosen them as symbols for things like national pride or patriotism (like with England’s national football team).

Let’s look at 5 clothing brands that use the lion as their logo:

Anne Klein

Anne KleinAnne Klein is known for their timeless and classic designs.  It was one of the first companies to offer ready-to-wear clothing for women and men that could be found in department stores and upscale boutiques throughout the world.

In addition to its classic collection… Anne Klein also offers more modern pieces that are perfect for today’s fashion-forward women.

The brand’s logo features a lion… which can be seen as a nod to the founder’s zodiac sign—Leo. The lion is also representative of Anne Klein’s fierce independence and confidence as a designer; she was known for creating modern styles that were both elegant and youthful.


Lonsdale – The lion is a symbol of strength and power. It represents the fact that the clothes you put on your body have been made with care and precision by those who know what they are doing… and they will last you for a long time to come.

The lion has long been known as a sign of protection and courage… so it’s no surprise that Lonsdale chose this as their logo.

Lonsdale is known for creating fashionable clothing that is designed to meet the needs of sports people. They work hard to ensure that every piece of clothing they produce is made from high-quality materials and is suitable for any activity or occasion.

Primal Instinct Apparel

Primal Instinct Apparel If you’re looking for a brand that’s all about emerging streetwear… then Primal Instinct Apparel is the place for you. The logo features a lion—a symbol of strength and courage… but also a symbol of the brand’s connection to its primitive roots and our connection to nature.

Primal Instinct Apparel is known for creating high-quality apparel that reflects its values: they use only the best materials. Their clothing line includes t-shirts… hoodies… jackets… hats… and more—all with bold designs that are unique and stand out from the crowd.

Lucky Lions

Lucky LionsLucky Lions offers Oktoberfest t-shirts… swag… and gifts to celebrate Deutschland. We make coasters… posters… pennants… pins… steins… coffee mugs… shirts… and more for those who want to show their pride in Germany!

What does the lion mean in the Lucky Lions logo? Lucky Lions is a German clothing company that sells Oktoberfest-themed clothing and accessories. Their logo is a lion… which is the symbol of Bavaria… where Oktoberfest takes place.

The lion is a symbol of strength… courage… and protection. The German word for “lion” is Löwe which is also the name of the city of Leipzig where Lucky Lions was founded.

Loyalty London

Loyalty London – LoyaltyLondon is a reliable fashion store in the heart of the city. They offer high-quality clothing and accessories for men… women… and children. Their collection includes outerwear… swimwear… underwear… and activewear.

Their logo… a lion with a crown on its head… is inspired by the city of London itself. The lion is considered to be a royal animal in England… as it was once used by kings and queens to guard their castles. It symbolizes power and strength; thus it is an ideal image to represent the brand’s values: reliability… luxury… and confidence.

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