Why Does Underwear Have a Pocket? (Men & Women’s Undies)

Why Does Underwear Have a Pocket?

Have you ever wondered why women’s underwear has a pocket? Have you ever noticed it? Did you ever wonder if those little pockets….. situated right on the crotch of your lady-loved one’s panties ever served a purpose….. or are they merely decorative? Are they just a fun feature of women’s underwear or was their inclusion …

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Do Boxer Briefs Make You Sweat? (What About Pimples?)

Do Boxer Briefs Make You Sweat?

Sweating is one of the most natural things in the world….. and it’s especially common when you’re sleeping… But if you’re wearing cotton boxers or briefs….. that moisture can build up and make you feel uncomfortable… One solution is to wear breathable underwear made from synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon. Do boxer briefs make …

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Which Brand Boxer Briefs Are the Best? (Hanes….. Jockey….. Saxx….. Champion….. Calvin Klein?)

Which Brand Boxer Briefs Are the Best?

Boxer briefs are easily the most popular men’s underwear style… That’s because they offer a combination of support….. comfort….. and style that no other style can match. Tighty whities? Boxer briefs… Briefs? Boxer briefs… Athletic supporters? Boxer briefs. Boxer Briefs are a staple in every man’s wardrobe… In fact….. many men have more pairs of boxers …

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Are Boxer Briefs Loose? (How Should Boxer Briefs Fit?)

Are Boxer Briefs Loose?

Boxer briefs are a hybrid type of underwear with the fit of a brief and the appearance of a boxer… They cover the whole genital area and are worn higher on the waist than regular briefs. Boxer briefs….. which are also known as “boxer briefs”….. “brief-style boxers” or “trunks”….. generally have a more snug fit …

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What Are Maternity Briefs? (Knickers To Wear When Pregnant)

What Are Maternity Briefs?

The Maternity Brief is a special kind of underwear for pregnant women… It has a panel in the front and back to provide more coverage than your normal underwear….. and some even have a panel to support your tummy. Maternity briefs are close-fitting underwear with an elastic waistband….. designed to be worn by a pregnant …

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Why Do Female Runners Wear Briefs? (Bun Huggers)

Why Do Female Runners Wear Briefs?

Briefs are perfect for a variety of sports and activities….. including running….. biking….. skating….. and swimming… Athletes of both sexes have worn briefs for many decades… Briefs are considered by most athletes and exercise enthusiasts to be the best style of underwear for sports… But in running the term can also be used for outerwear …

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How Do Squat Briefs Work? (Should You Use Squat Briefs?)

How Do Squat Briefs Work?

Squat briefs are supportive undergarments designed to help improve your powerlifting performance by enhancing the compression forces on your lower body and providing additional support in the squat….. deadlift….. and bench… They are designed to be worn during lifts and can serve as valuable tools for new or experienced lifters alike. Squat briefs are a …

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Can You Wear Boxer Briefs to Meps? (Do You Have To Wear Briefs?)

Can You Wear Boxer Briefs to Meps?

Let’s face it: boxer shorts are great… They’re comfortable….. they offer the support that many men need….. and they’re discreet enough for everyday wear… But can you wear boxers at basic training? Basic training is a time of physical and emotional change for all recruits….. and one of the most dramatic (and sometimes surprising) changes …

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Why Do Boxer Briefs Have a Hole in the Front?

Why Do Boxer Briefs Have a Hole in the Front?

Boxer briefs are named for their resemblance to the undergarment worn by professional boxers… Boxers were originally developed as a replacement for long johns….. which were seen as uncomfortable and constricting… Boxer briefs are a hybrid between boxer shorts and briefs….. but it’s not just their design that sets them apart. Many men choose to …

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Do Guys Still Wear Briefs? (Are Briefs Making a Comeback?)

Do Guys Still Wear Briefs?

The brief is the quintessential men’s underwear type for the simple reason that it offers the most support and is thus ideal for men who engage in physical activities… They have also been popular with many other groups….. including athletes….. soldiers….. actors….. and politicians. Though briefs are still quite popular….. they are not as ubiquitous …

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