Can Suit Trousers Be Washed? (If So….. How Often & How?)

Can Suit Trousers Be Washed?

Can Suit Trousers Be Washed? Suits are very expensive in comparison to casual wear… Therefore….. you must keep them well maintained… If you want your suit trousers to last long and look good while wearing them….. then you must take proper care of them… Just like any other piece of clothing. Yes….. you can wash …

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How Long Does It Take for Trousers to Dry? (Tumble or Hang Dry?)

How Long Does It Take for Trousers to Dry?

The first thing to consider is: do you want to dry your trousers naturally or with a tumble dryer? It’s a personal choice and one that may change depending on the weather and humidity. Generally speaking….. it’s best to dry trousers as naturally as possible… If they’re not heavily soiled and they’re hanging outside….. they’ll …

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Do Trousers Run Small? (Do Pants Loosen as You Wear Them?)

Do Trousers Run Small?

Fit is one of the most frustrating aspects of trying to shop online… You can see a pair of trousers on the model that looks perfect but when you receive them they don’t fit… This can be really disheartening….. especially if you need several pairs for a special occasion and time is running out. Do …

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Do Gaiters Go Over Waterproof Trousers? (Are Gaiters Worth Wearing?)

Do Gaiters Go Over Waterproof Trousers?

Leg gaiters are super-useful items of kit that every backpacker should have… They’re basically over-trousers that cover your lower legs….. stopping water from getting into your boots and soaking your socks and trousers. Gaiters are a sort of middle ground between waterproof trousers….. which stop the rain getting in but let water in at the …

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Why Do Linen Trousers Go Baggy? (Do They Stretch With Wear?)

Why Do Linen Trousers Go Baggy?

There are many reasons why linen pants….. especially vintage linen pants….. go baggy after a few wears… Linen has a tendency to relax with wear and become more comfortable….. but the fabric also has a tendency to stretch out causing it to loose its shape. Linen tends to stretch out after prolonged use and washing….. …

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What Are Chino Pants Good For? (16 Things Chinos Are Good For)

What Are Chino Pants Good For?

Are chinos good for XYZ? Chino pants are a staple of the modern menswear wardrobe… They’re versatile….. durable….. and come in many different styles… But they’ve been around a while… Do you know what they’re good for? Chinos are versatile pants that you will wear over and over again… You can dress them up….. dress …

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What Do Brown Chinos Go With? (How Do You Rock Brown Chinos?)

What Do Brown Chinos Go With?

These days….. brown chinos are more than just a pair of pants: they’re the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe… That’s because they’re both versatile and timeless… In fact….. they go with almost anything….. hence their reputation as the “secret weapon” of a man’s outfit… But knowing exactly what goes with them can be tricky. Brown …

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Can You Take in Chinos? (How Do You Make Chino Pants Smaller?)

Can You Take in Chinos?

Chinos….. as a rule….. are meant to be worn loose… They are designed to drape around your body….. and this is apparent when you look at the way they hang on the hanger… Because of this….. it’s possible that they may need some minor alterations before you can wear them comfortably. Can you take in …

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Can Chinos Be Dry Cleaned? (Can You Machine Wash Chinos?)

Can Chinos Be Dry Cleaned?

Can chino pants be dry cleaned? That’s a question many people are asking these days… With the wide variety of men’s clothing available….. it can often be difficult to determine if something can safely be cleaned in a washing machine or by hand. Chinos are one of the most versatile pants you can own… Their …

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Why Do Chinos Fade? (How Do You Maintain Chinos?)

Why Do Chinos Fade?

Chinos are forever….. but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible… In fact….. like with anything made of cotton….. chinos can fade and get white lines if you’re not careful. Trouble is….. there’s no magic trick to keep your chinos looking new forever… But there are some things you can do to make them last as long …

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