Can You Take in Chinos? (How Do You Make Chino Pants Smaller?)

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Chinos… as a rule… are meant to be worn loose. They are designed to drape around your body… and this is apparent when you look at the way they hang on the hanger. Because of this… it’s possible that they may need some minor alterations before you can wear them comfortably.

Can you take in chinos? Yes… chinos can be tailored relatively easily. There are a number of alterations that are possible on the chinos – the waist can be taken in… the length can be adjusted… and several other minor adjustments can be made to them.

Chinos can be modified if you want to make them tighter and if you can find a tailor who understands how to do it. There are some caveats they should note as they are doing this work… but chinos can be altered in a n umber of ways.

Can You Take in Chinos?

Indeed you can take in chinos… as there are a number of alterations that are possible on the chinos – the waist can be taken in… the length altered and even the leg width adjusted (all relatively easily).

This is a simple procedure that can be done by your local dry cleaner.

There are two main styles of chino… which affect how they may be tailored:

  1. The first style is flat fronted chino pants. These are usually easy to tailor. The waistband can be taken in if necessary but the fit can also be altered further by simply taking in the sides of the pant leg. If you have larger thighs these would be the best option for you as they often provide a more comfortable fit around this area.
  2. The second type of chino has a pleat at the waistband and is sometimes known as a boot cut or bell-bottomed chinos. These cannot just be taken in at the waist as you would with flat-fronted chinos… however… they can still be altered to fit better by taking in the legs at the knee area. This will effectively reduce the amount of excess material around your lower leg… making them more comfortable and giving you a better overall fit

Can Chinos Be Tailored?

Chinos can indeed be tailored. Chinos are a form of casual trouser that combines the comfort of cotton pants with the looks of formal pants. They can be worn to work or for more formal occasions… and they have a more relaxed fit than jeans.

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Tailoring chinos is exactly the same as tailoring any other pair of trousers. You do not need to worry about the fabric or material… and you can have them altered to a perfect fit. As long as you go to a good tailor… they should be able to make your chinos look great. There are also many cheap tailors in your area who will be able to help you out at an affordable price.

How Do You Make Chino Pants Smaller?

If you can’t wear your Chinos because they are too large… you have a few options. You can alter them to fit you or you can take them to a tailor and get the legs taken up.

Altering Chinos is fairly straightforward… but does require some expertise by your tailor. Also… the pants will be one-of-a-kind since it’s impossible to duplicate the pattern due to the variety of leg shapes and sizes available. But altering is cheaper than buying new pants and often looks better than taking in seams.

Take in The Waist: With Chinos… it’s much easier to take in than let out. Taper them so they narrow at the ankle and take in at least an inch around your waistline.

How Do You Take Chinos at the Waist?

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1 – Get your measurements

Take your waist size which is the smallest part on your torso… usually around your belly button or where you would wear your trousers. If you don’t have a tape measure… then use a piece of string and then lay it flat on the floor… then measure that with a ruler… then divide by 2.

Step 2 – Take in the Waist

Take off your chinos and put on a pair of jeans if you want to keep them afterward because you are going to cut off some fabric from the waistband at this stage but don’t worry you can get them back on again and there will be plenty left for alteration later on.

Step 3 – Cut off and sew back up

Now cut off about half an inch from the bottom of the waistband using good seamstress scissors and make sure that you snip through all layers… then sew it back up again.

Can You Get Chinos Tapered?

Chinos were originally made to be worn by sailors… who had to roll them up since they couldn’t wear long trousers on boats. The style caught on… and now chinos come in a variety of fabrics with an array of fits.

The length of your chinos is a matter of preference and you may want to have it altered according to your needs. The leg can be tapered in different degrees – from a slight taper to a dramatic slimmed-down look.

Yes… you can get chinos tapered. Tapered chinos are great for any guy that wants a slimmer fit from his pants. They look great with dress shoes and a dress shirt or even with sneakers if you’re looking to make a more casual statement.

Are You a Good Candidate for Tapered Chinos?

If you are in-between sizes or have athletic thighs… then you can benefit from getting your chinos tapered. If they’re too loose… they’ll bunch up on your lower leg (and if it’s cold enough out… you may even see your skin through the fabric). If they are too tight… however… then you run the risk of ripping out the seams when you try to get them to fit. Also… it is more difficult to get the fit right at many chain clothing stores.

So what do you need?

A tailor! They can make small adjustments that can make all the difference between a pair of pants that looks sloppy and a professional appearance.

How to Get Your Pants Tapered

When you take your pants to be tailored… tell them exactly what you would like done. Some tailors will ask you to leave your old pants in so that they can compare the measurements.

Tapered or slim-fit chinos are a good alternative to jeans and they are more casual. They come in a variety of washes and the fabric is the usually lighter weight which makes them perfect for warm summer days.

In summary… when it comes to getting your chino pants tailored… you are in luck. Chino pants lent themselves very well to tailoring and they remain one of the most popular options amongst men. The extra material used in the making of these pants makes them easily adjustable as compared to other types of pant fabric.

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