Can You Tailor Sweatpants?

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Yes, sweatpants can be tailored to achieve a better fit or a specific style. Common alterations include shortening the length, taking in the waist, or slimming the legs. It is essential to consult with a skilled tailor who is experienced in working with knit or stretchy materials to ensure a successful result.

Sweatpants are a go-to for comfort but not everyone’s body is the same shape. The good news is you can tailor sweatpants to your body type.

Sweatpants are typically made from cotton or polyester. Those fabrics can be easily altered by a tailor so you can fit them to your body type and preferences.

Sweatpants are a casual staple but they can be hard to fit properly. Unlike jeans and pants, they don’t have a lot of give in them so it’s difficult to make them smaller. If you’ve inherited a pair of sweatpants that are too large or simply want to make your own sweatpants smaller there are ways to adjust the length and width.

Can You Tailor Sweatpants?

Sweatpants tend to be oversized… giving the wearer a comfortable and casual appearance. However… if sweatpants are too big… they can look sloppy or worse… provide an unflattering fit. Fortunately… there are several ways to alter sweatpants to change their appearance and make them more flattering for you.

The first way to alter sweatpants is to have them tailored. You can take in the waistband and cuffs of the pants so that they end at the appropriate length. Take care when doing this because you don’t want to make the pants too tight. It’s best to take them in a little at a time until they fit correctly.

  1. If you don’t want to spend the money on tailoring… you can shorten your sweatpants by cutting off a portion of the pant legs while taking care not to cut through any zippers or pockets.
  2. Another option is to have your pants hemmed by a tailor. This can be costly and is only an option if you have a pair of pants that fit well in other areas but are just too long for your height.
  3. You may also consider having ¼-inch taken off of each side of your pant legs so that they are tapered.

Some fashion-forward people have taken the casualness of sweatpants one step further by taping them at the ankles so they fit more closely.

This also helps prevent any unwanted bagginess from making its way into your look. Some people even like to wear tapered sweatpants cuffed above their shoes for a unique look that others might find strange.

Can Sweatpants Be Hemmed?

Hemming sweatpants is a simple alteration that doesn’t require much skill to do. It involves taking in the length of the pants by sewing the bottoms up shorter.

The best way to hem sweatpants is to hem them the same way you would hem jeans. This can be done with pinking shears or by doing a zig-zag stitch on an ordinary sewing machine.

Tailoring your sweatpants is possible. There are a few methods that could be used to alter the length of the pants.

  1. One method is turning them into capris by cutting off the bottom portion of the pants legs and sewing them back up with a straight stitch. This will leave you with pants that are about as long as some shorts would be.
  2. Another method is to measure how much material you need to cut off and then use an open-toed stitch at the original hemline to remove some of the excess fabric from the bottom of the pant leg.
  3. If they are too long… you could always turn them into ankle-length sweatpants by adding another strip of material under the existing one. This will make them look like they were designed that way originally.
  4. Yet another option is making a cuff on each leg or using a drawstring that will allow you to tighten or loosen them so they fit perfectly.

Can You Take in Sweatpants?

Taking in sweatpants isn’t hard… but it’s not something you want to do without knowing what you’re doing. Here are some tips for how to take in sweatpants:

  1. Find a pair of pants that fits you really well. It’s better if they don’t have elastic waistbands… but anything works as long as they fit well.
  2. Lay out the pants flat on a smooth surface and pin the sides (from ankle to waist) together. Make sure to pull tight so the fabric is flat. Pin at least 3-5 times along each side so you can see the outline of your pins through the fabric. This will keep everything from moving around while you cut it out.
  3. Cut out the excess fabric with a sharp pair of scissors or a Xacto knife… or cut with pinking shears for a decorative edge… if desired.
  4. Sew along your pinned line. Be careful not to sew too close to your pins because this can make your stitches uneven and cause them to come undone when you try to take in more fabric.

Can Sweatpants Be Tapered?

If you’re reading this… chances are you’ve seen tapered sweatpants. Chances are you’ve also asked yourself the question: can sweatpants be tapered?

Tapered pants have a slim fit in the leg opening and thigh… then come to a wider end below the knee. This is different from straight or boot-cut pants that flare out after hitting the thigh. The tapered look is also known as “skinny jeans” or “skinny chinos.”

Houmous S-XXXL 29''31''33''35'' Inseam Women's Cotton Bootcut Pants Inner Pocket(Regular-31 Inseam-Black... XX-Large)

It’s no secret that tapered pants are in style right now… so I’m sure you’re not surprised to know that more and more designers are adding tapered styles to their collections. The color options alone are enough to make all the girls go awww!

So… can sweatpants be tapered? Yes and no. Technically… anything can be tapered but I wouldn’t recommend it. Tapered sweatpants just don’t look right.

If you need something to wear while working out at home or running errands on the weekend… stick with straight-leg sweats or maybe bootcut sweats if you’re feeling adventurous.

How Do You Shorten the Length of Sweatpants?

There are several ways to shorten the length of your sweat pants. You can cut off the extra material or hem them. The easiest way is by folding the bottom and sewing it together with a basic stitch. This will leave the edge raw. If you would prefer a more finished look… you can use fabric glue or sew on an elastic band at the bottom of the pant leg.

How to Cut Off Extra Material

Before cutting off the extra material at the bottom of your sweat pants… make sure that you want to do so. There is no going back once you cut off part of your pants. Wear them for a bit and decide if you are happy with their length before making any alterations.

  1. Determine how much you want to shorten the pants.
  2. Use scissors to cut off excess fabric from the bottom seam. Take care not to cut the fabric above your knees or below your ankles.
  3. If you want an even shorter pair of sweats… use a sewing machine or hand stitching.

In summary… If you find that your sweatpants are too long… the most obvious solution is to just roll them up at the ankle. This will get rid of the excess fabric and make them a bit more manageable so you can move more easily without tripping on your pants.

However… if this doesn’t work for you or if you don’t like how it looks… there is another option available: tailor your sweatpants.

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