Can Trousers Be Taken in at the Waist? (What About Other Alterations?)

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Many pants can be taken in… but it is a good idea to check out the amount of material since pants are often described by the width of the leg. Pants that are described as ‘regular’… for example… generally have an inch or two to let out and ‘tapered’ or ‘slim fit’ trousers would need to be at least two inches shorter to take them out at the waist.

Generally speaking… it is quite difficult to take in pants at the waist. The most common type of pants that can be taken in at the waist are trousers (pants with a fly). It is also possible to get jeans taken in… but this is not always an option as jeans are typically very stretchy and therefore extremely difficult to tailor properly.

If you have questions about whether your pair of trousers can be taken in… we recommend contacting a tailor and having them assess the situation.

Can Trousers Be Taken in at the Waist?

Well… the answer is yes and no. It is possible to have trousers taken in at the waist but it will depend on the fabric and its elasticity.

Trousers cannot be taken in at the waist if they have elasticated waists or use drawstrings rather than metal or plastic fastenings – so that rules out most casual trousers these days.

Trousers can be taken in at the waist. There are actually two ways to do this: if you have enough material handy… you could simply take in a seam at the back or front of the trousers. If there’s not enough cloth to do that… however… you may want to sew in a new piece using an overcast stitch (the same kind commonly used to repair jeans).

If you have never done it before you should get them altered by a professional tailor – don’t even think about attempting to do this yourself!

A tailor can take in trousers at the waist… making them smaller and giving you a more flattering shape. He or she will also make any other alterations that are required… such as shortening the length of your trouser legs if they are too long.

How Much Can Trousers Be Taken In?

Altering the waistline of trousers may not be a straightforward procedure… but while it is a time-consuming process… it is possible to take in trousers to the desired size.

Trousers can be taken in or let out in different amounts… depending on their style and the material they are made from. Some trousers are more flexible than others… so it is best to have a professional tailor check whether there is fabric left in the seams before attempting any alterations.


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How much can trousers be taken in?

The amount that trousers can be taken in depends on the style… but a general rule of thumb is that no more than 2 inches should be altered off either side of a pair of trousers (a total of 4 inches).

Can You Get Suit Trousers Taken In?

If you have suit trousers with belt loops… then this is very easy. You just need to go to your local tailor and ask if they can take in the trousers at the waist.

Trousers without belt loops are more difficult… as you can’t get them taken in at the waist. When you’re buying a pair of suit trousers without belt loops… it’s important to try them on and see if they fit you properly.

If you have a pair of suit trousers that fit perfectly at the waist and hips but are slightly too big around the thighs… you’re in luck. Taking in these trousers is relatively easy… thanks to their main construction material:

Suits are usually made with a blend of wool and polyester or cotton. The blend helps make the trousers wrinkle-resistant and more durable… while also giving them a smooth and sleek look. This makes taking in your suit trousers relatively simple since they won’t pill under stress.

However… if your suit pants are made entirely of linen or silk… they may be prone to unraveling and pilling. This makes taking in the seams more difficult… so you’ll need to be extra careful when sewing.

No matter what material your suit pants are made from… take them to an alterations tailor for tailoring if you want it done correctly. Not only will you avoid mistakes like cutting the fabric too close to the crotch seam (which could lead to unsightly holes)… but you’ll also get better results from an experienced tailor than from trying to do it yourself.

Can You Take Trousers Out at the Waist?

You may be able to take trousers out a little bit at the waist… depending on how much fabric there is in the seams. It is not a good idea… however… to try and let them out too much.


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As seams are stitched together… they can become weaker and eventually rip… so you should never try to let the waist of your trousers out by more than an inch or so. If they do need to take in more than this… you will have to take them to a tailor.

Can Suit Trousers Be Let Out?

When it comes to letting out your suit trousers… the answer is: yes. You can get your suit trousers to let out by your tailor. The question is whether or not you should.

The process of letting out your suit trousers involves basically taking them apart and putting them back together again. This means that you lose some integrity in the waistband and in the entire leg of the pants. This may mean that the pants won’t last as long as they otherwise might have if you don’t get them to let out.

If you wear your suits infrequently… then getting them to let out might be worth it. Consider how often you wear them and how much they cost before making a decision on this front. If you wear your suits every day… then chances are good that you should take them to someone who can let them out for you.

Can Leather Trousers Be Altered?

The first step in determining if they can be altered is the material of your trousers. Usually… leather trousers are not easy to alter because of the material used.

But it all depends on the kind of leather used for making them. If it is thick… then you need to approach a tailor and ask him if it’s possible to make alterations or not.

Tailors can work with leather but it is a more delicate fabric so alterations are not as simple as they are with cloth. But some tailors can do leather alterations… so it is worth asking.

Can You Take in Leather Trousers?

It is possible to take in leather trousers – but only the ones that are made from a stretchy material. Such garments may have been a tight fit when purchased and should be worn for a while to stretch out slightly.

However… if you have leather trousers that aren’t stretchy… don’t try to take them in as they’ll only end up damaged.

If you’re considering leather trousers in a size smaller than your usual size… bear in mind that they’ll shrink slightly when washed. It’s best to purchase them slightly larger than you’d like them to be – then it’s easy to get them tailored to the perfect size.

Can You Take Up Leather Trousers?

Sewing leather is quite easy… especially if you have some experience in sewing clothes. Although leather maybe a little more difficult to work with compared to other fabrics because it is not as flexible and firm as fabric… it also has its unique set of characteristics and benefits.

The sewing process is simple and straightforward. You can use a sewing machine or do the job manually with a needle and thread. Be sure to use the right kind of thread… preferably waxed thread because it helps the seams to stay intact.

  1. Fold the bottom edge of the leather pants twice so that the raw edge is covered by the folded part… making four layers. Then fold this section up again so that there are five layers of leather and pin it down firmly so that it does not move out of place while you stitch it.
  2. Sew along the hemline using a straight stitch for about 3/4th of an inch. The stitches should be close enough together so that they hold the hem tightly in place preventing fraying and curling up during wear. This way you can ensure that your pants look stylish when worn without having to worry about them getting crumpled up along their edges.

Most pants can be hemmed by a skilled seamstress. If you have a pair of leather pants that need to be hemmed… it is important to find someone who has experience working with leather.

Can You Take Up Flared Trousers?

Hemming flared pants are a little different than hemming a pair of jeans. The most important thing to remember is that your flare should match the width of your hem. This can be tricky but follow these steps and you will have perfectly flared pants in no time!


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  1. Determine how much you want to hem. Measure the desired length against the pant leg… which is already hemmed. Eliminate the excess by cutting off the bottom of the pant leg.
  2. To keep your pants from fraying… you can use your sewing machine’s zig-zag stitch (which is also called an over-edge stitch). This stitch will cover up any threads that fray when you cut and hem your pants.
  3. Fold over the fabric and find a straight line to cut along. Use a ruler if necessary to make sure your cut is straight.
  4. Use your needle and thread and sew a basting stitch along one side of the pant leg… about 1/4 inch from the edge… to keep everything in place before you start sewing it all down. This is also called “basting.”
  5. Sew a zig-zag stitch 1/8 inch from the edge of the fabric (about 1/8th from where you basted). Make sure that your seams are going in opposite directions on each side of your pants! Otherwise… when you turn them right-side out… it will look like some kind of weird accordion fold!

Tailor’s chalk provides a temporary guide to get the right shape and size. You can mark all the edges of the flare before pinning… or just mark where you want it to end on the leg seam.

How Do You Shorten Flared Pants Without Sewing?

There are a few ways you can shorten flared pants without sewing. The easiest way is to just roll up the bottoms a few times to shorten them… but sometimes if you’re wearing them for special occasions… you want to be more traditional and sew them up.

Tape Method:

Make sure that you take the time to wash your pants before doing any of these fixes. If they’re dirty… they won’t hold the tape or glue well.

Take a good amount of tape and wrap it around one leg of your pants… covering the area where you want to make the hem. You’ll want to make sure that there is enough tape on both sides so that it’s sturdy. You might want to practice this on another pair of pants first because if the tape isn’t positioned right… it can bunch up awkwardly when you pull your pants on and off.

Once you have applied the tape… wait for it to dry completely before pulling your pants on and off several times. This will ensure that the tape stays in place and doesn’t rip off when you pull your pants on or off.

Gluing Method:

If you are not confident with your sewing skills or are looking for an alternative way to shorten your pants then consider gluing them. This is an effective alternative to sewing and is also a viable option if you do not have any glue but would like to shorten your pants.

To start this you need to layout the pants… on a flat surface. Then spread the glue evenly over the bottom of the pant leg… making sure that there are no parts that are missing from being glued down. Once this is done… pull one leg up at a time and press it firmly into place by smoothing it out with your hands until it becomes taut. Allow it to dry for about 20 minutes before putting on the pants so as not to get any glue on them while they are still wet.

Can You Take Up Knitted Trousers?

As a general rule… most knit pants are made with a combination of different fibers. This can be fine… but it makes them much harder to hem as they tend to be very stretchy. And since they aren’t woven fabrics… they don’t take hems up very well.


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Can you take up knitted trousers? The short answer is yes… you can take up knit trousers. However… it’s very difficult to do… and unless you are good with a needle and thread or very experienced in this type of work you will be better off taking them to a professional seamstress who is familiar with this type of garment.

If you have some basic sewing skills… there are two things you can do to make the job easier. The first option is to use a serger (also known simply as a “serger,” if you’re not picky about terminology). A serger is a machine designed specifically for finishing knits with rolled edges that look like the inside of seam allowances on woven garments.

Sergers work best when finishing knit fabric… so this is an option worth using if you want professional-looking results every time. The second option is to use zigzag stitches instead of straight stitches on your regular sewing machine.

In summary, Tailors have experience with taking in and letting out clothing. Since they likely deal with trousers on a regular basis… they’ll be able to get your trousers modified with ease.

In addition… tailors will only use high-quality thread and workmanship. This is especially important for your suit trousers since the fabric is more delicate than normal clothing items like jeans.

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