Can Suit Trousers Be Let Out? (Can You Take Trousers Out at the Waist?)

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Can Suit Trousers Be Let Out?

Suit pants can be tailored in many ways. You can have the legs let out… the waist taken in… or even the entire length of the pant leg shortened.

Tailors are typically capable of taking in any pair of trousers that you own. However… it is possible that they could be unable to take your suit trousers out. The reason for this is that suit trousers are typically made from a heavier weight fabric than regular trousers. As such… suit trousers are less likely to be able to be let out as easily as other trousers.

Suit trousers can be let out at the waist… but it’s not as easy as it might sound. You’ll need to find a tailor willing to do the work… and you may not be able to get more than a couple of inches off them.

Trousers are constructed from two pieces of fabric… one on top of the other. The inner layer is sewn onto a waistband made of a thinner fabric that is then folded over and attached to the outer layer.

If you’re lucky enough to have suit trousers that fit perfectly in the legs and waist… chances are that they’re also a bit snug around your lower torso. There just aren’t many options for taking in excess material in this area without taking in the whole waistband and making the trousers unwearable.

Can You Take Trousers Out at the Waist?

The first thing to look at when wanting to know if you can take suit trousers out at the waist is whether they have belt loops or not. Trousers with belt loops can always be altered… while trousers without belt loops cannot.

The reason for this is that the waistband of a trouser with belt loops is stitched onto the lining… whereas a trouser without belt loops will have its waistband stitched directly onto the outer fabric. This means that a tailor can simply unpick the stitching and let out trousers with belt loops.

Trousers without belt loops cannot be let out because doing so would cause them to lose their shape and become baggy around the waist area.

There are a few dangers involved in  letting your suit trousers out:

  1. It will ruin the shape of the trousers.
  2. It could change the size of the pockets… belt loops… and other features.
  3. It might make your trousers too long… which will make you look shorter and less proportional
  4. It will stretch the fabric… making it weaker and more prone to wear and tear.

Can Suit Trousers Be Shortened?

If it’s your own suit you’re talking about… then shortening the trousers is fine. It’s not as simple as just cutting off some fabric and hemming it up… though… because you’ll have to fix any stitching that is in the bottom of the trousers (the part that sits on the shoe).


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To do this you will need to turn up the hem of the trouser leg and re-sew it into place. But if you just want to trim them down a bit then go ahead. Go for a good dry cleaner… who should be able to do it easily for you.

Can You Get Suit Trousers Tapered?

Tapered trousers are a trend that many men love. The tapered fit is cut closer to the body and it is more flattering for people who are a bit overweight but want to look good. If you’re a man that wants tapered pants… you can get them through custom-tailoring. However… keep in mind that NOT all suit pants can be tapered.

The waistband on most suit pants is made of stretch or suiting material which allows for some movement and comfort during the day. Tapered pants are much more restrictive than regular trousers and therefore cannot be made out of stretchy material.


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This can make sitting and moving more uncomfortable… so if you’re going to get a pair of tapered suit pants… be sure to try them on for comfort!

To get tapered suit pants… you need to visit a tailor that works with suits regularly.

Can You Stretch Suit Pants?

The most important thing is to not wash the suit for at least 48 hours. This gives the fabric a chance to relax and stretch out slightly since it has been worn. There’s also a chance that you might damage the fabric by using too much heat from an iron.

Take your suit pants out of the dryer while they’re still slightly damp and lay them flat on a table or hang them up in your closet until they’re completely dry. When they’re dry… make sure that they hang freely so that there’s no pulling on any of the seams or creases of the pants. The excess material will start to stretch slightly as it dries out.

In summary… if your suit trousers are too big or loose around the waist and hips… there’s a simple solution – take them to your local dry cleaners and have them let out.

Some cleaners will do this for free if it’s just a minor alteration… though others will charge you by the inch… which is far more expensive. It all depends on the level of customization available at each place.

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