Can You Wear Boxer Briefs to Meps? (Do You Have To Wear Briefs?)

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Let’s face it: boxer shorts are great. They’re comfortable… they offer the support that many men need… and they’re discreet enough for everyday wear. But can you wear boxers at basic training?

Basic training is a time of physical and emotional change for all recruits… and one of the most dramatic (and sometimes surprising) changes is in your wardrobe. From the first day of training to graduation… recruits are required to adhere to a very strict dress code.

Under no circumstances can recruits wear civilian clothing; instead… there is a very specific set of items that each recruit must wear at all times during basic training.

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Can You Wear Boxer Briefs to MEPs?

Yes… as long as they’re not see-through. Boxer shorts are fine too. If you’re on active duty… you’ll have to wear whatever is issued by the military. If your unit is issued underwear… then you must wear that. If they aren’t issued underwear… then you have some choices.

If you’re required to wear briefs… then you’ll be fine wearing briefs for basic training. Some people prefer boxers for their added comfort and breathability. It’s all about personal preference and comfort level though.

If you are thinking of joining the military or a law enforcement agency… you may want to consider wearing briefs. This is because the briefs will be less bulky than boxers and therefore… they will be more comfortable. The briefs will allow for better mobility and for your legs to have proper freedom of movement.

This does not mean that you may not wear boxers to your physical exam. Usually… it is okay and the examiners would not really notice if you are wearing boxers or briefs. However… in some cases… it could matter so you should ask first before wearing your boxers during the exams.


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This is because some agencies have their own specifications regarding undergarments. If you do wear boxers during the physical exam for whatever reason… make sure that they are clean and that you don’t mind if they get destroyed during the exam.

  1. When wearing a uniform with shorts or half pants… then briefs would be much more appropriate than boxers since they are more comfortable and practical than boxers.
  2. Boxer shorts can be worn with long pants because they are just as comfortable as briefs and they provide added support which is great if you are going to engage in athletic activities.

Depending on what your assignment will be… and the type of undergarment that you choose to wear.

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Can You Wear Boxer Briefs at Basic Training?

Basic training is the first step to becoming a U.S. Air Force or Army service member… and it’s designed to be physically and mentally challenging. After all… it’s not called boot camp for nothing!

However… basic training is also a time of personal transformation as you’re immersed in an environment that forces you to depend on others… work hard and keep your head down.

Yes… you can wear boxer briefs at basic training. It’s all about comfort. Boxer briefs are your best option for a more snug fit. They are a good alternative to wearing tighty whitey briefs.

While you can still wear boxer briefs at basic training… they won’t be the only underwear option out there. The military provides boxers as part of a new recruit’s uniform clothing issue. If you prefer not to wear these plain white boxers — or if you want to avoid wearing them every single day — bring some boxer briefs with you when you ship off for boot camp.

Any underwear that is comfortable is acceptable to wear at basic training. The best thing is to go with something that you are comfortable in and that allows you to feel the most secure and protected.

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Can I Wear Boxer Briefs in the Army?

Boxer briefs are the most versatile type of men’s underwear. They can be worn for all kinds of occasions… from everyday wear to exercise to athletic activity.

Tighter underwear… such as boxer briefs… will give you a more supportive fit and help reduce chafing during exercise. And because boxers are not as constricting as brief underwear… your muscles will feel less restricted and better able to perform during a workout or any other kind of physical activity.

So… if you have been wondering whether you can wear boxer briefs in the army or not? The answer is yes. You can wear boxer briefs in the army… but then again you can also wear briefs.

Boxer briefs are one of the most popular underwear styles among men… and they are widely used in the military. They are a hybrid between briefs and boxers… combining the comfort and fit of boxers with the support of briefs.


  1. They provide support and comfort. Boxer briefs tend to be more comfortable than traditional briefs because they have a looser fit and are more flexible. They also provide support for your package… which is especially important for athletes and soldiers who need protection from chafing when wearing body armor or other gear.
  2. They help keep you cool. Boxer briefs have a ventilated pouch that helps keep your nether regions cool when you’re active or working out in warm weather.
  3. They offer versatility. You can wear them as everyday underwear or as athletic shorts for running or other sports activities.

Boxer briefs are the most common underwear choice for men and women in the military. They are also called “mixed” or “hybrid” briefs due to their combination of boxer and brief elements.

Tighter than boxers… boxer briefs sit loosely around the leg rather than hugging the thighs as briefs do. The waistband sits lower than briefs but higher than boxers. They have a fly-front opening like boxers… but they have the same coverage over the backside as briefs.

Boxer briefs are the best of both worlds. Soldiers who like the feel of boxers can wear them… but there is still support in case they need to go into action.

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Do You Have to Wear Briefs in the Army?

Have you ever wondered if there is a certain type of underwear that you are required to wear in the military? If so… then you are not alone. Many people want to know if they have to wear briefs or boxers in the army.

Tee shirts and shorts are standard issue items for soldiers. You will be issued two pairs of each for basic training and two pairs of each to take with you on deployments. The first few days of basic training include a lot of marching… so your tee shirt will get dirty pretty fast and will need to be laundered frequently.

The same is true for your boxer shorts. But what about the rest of the time? Are you required to wear briefs in the army?

The answer is no! You can choose any type of underwear that makes you feel comfortable during your time in the military. If you prefer wearing boxers… then go right ahead. And if you like briefs better… then go ahead and wear them instead.

However… briefs are one of the most popular undergarment options for men. They are made out of cotton… polyester… spandex… or a combination of those materials. Briefs provide comfort and support because they are both form-fitting and elastic. The majority of military men choose to wear briefs while in their uniforms.

How do briefs compare to boxers and boxer briefs? While boxers have an exposed waistband that sits lower on your hips… briefs cover the waistband of your pants… which can be more comfortable for some people. Boxer briefs offer a little more coverage than briefs and are considered to be more fashionable than either style.

When you wear briefs in the service… you will need military underwear or uniform briefs. They are made from polyester… cotton… or a combination of both materials and come in different sizes.

So… while there is no specific regulation that requires military men to wear briefs while in their uniforms… wearing them has many advantages.

In summary… at the end of the day if your recruiter has said that you can’t… then no. You can’t. If your recruiter has said that you can… then yes… you can. You will have to bring them with you though. Most people have no problem with wearing whatever kind of underwear they want.

Army regulations explain under what circumstances you’ll be required to wear underwear in the army… but luckily for you… the Army allows you to wear boxers at basic training.

In a nutshell… that means that you do have an option when it comes to picking your primary form of underwear. Basically… as long as your choice is undergarments fit for military service… there shouldn’t be any issues.

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